5 Fast, simple solutions to easing stress, depression and Anxiety


1. Take More Breaks

Working long hours without at least taking a break every now and then is a sure way to increase tension and stress. Be sure to take at least 1, 15-minute break early in the morning, and an afternoon break for about 20-minutes for lunch. It’s best to eat your lunch away from your work area if possible. It’s also essential to take a day or weekend off every once in a while to really go somewhere and relax, getting the extra breathing space really helps.

2. Exercise Regularly

Routine exercise can greatly relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. When you work out, it releases endorphins into your system and gives a natural boost. This also gives you the opportunity to get your mind away from focusing on your problems and troubles. This of course also depends on the type of exercises you perform.

Exercises to AVOID:

Weight lifting

These exercises induce brooding and can actually make you dwell more on your issues rather than trying to forget it. Instead, partake in exercises that demand your full attention and concentration.

Sports like tennis, squash, badminton, and circuit training are all appropriate exercises that aim to keep your mind on the game and not on your worries.

3. Don’t beat yourself Up

Typically, Self-deprecation is a major part of depression, stress, and anxiety. Every time you beat yourself up, you erode your confidence and self-esteem. It’s never a good idea to tell yourself that you’re worthless, hopeless, stupid, useless, boring, ugly, or a loser. Do not convince yourself that people hate you, no one likes to be around you, and that it’s best you be alone. You’re aware that these things are not acceptable to say to other people, so on that same token, you should never say them to yourself either. That saying about sticks and stones hurting, but words don’t, is not necessarily true. These kinds of words are very powerful and CAN hurt you. Nobody’s perfect, learn to accept that, and we all make mistakes, you’re no different, so cut yourself some slack. Make a pact or promise to yourself that from this day forward, never to indulge in self-deprecation again. It will not be tolerated

4. Avoid Blank Isolation

It’s understandable that at times we just want to be in the company of ourselves. However, it’s moments like those where you may tend to brood the most and focus on all the things going wrong in your life. As an alternative, use your “me time” a bit more constructively by occupying your mind with something like a jigsaw puzzle, crossword, reading a book, or by drawing or painting. This way, during your isolation time you’re actually growing and advancing in something while averting focusing on stressful depressive thoughts.

5. Turn AWAY From the Media

Did you know that watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper can actually provide you with a daily dose of negativity and actually lower your mood. It’s no surprise the media typically focuses on negative aspects of life like corruption, crime, scandal, natural disasters and can really distort your view of reality. This goes without saying, but also the massive amounts of image manipulation they place in front of you. Try taking a break from media outlets for at LEAST a WEEK. You may just come to realize that you won’t miss them at all!

More flowers for Therapy – Flower delivery for making Someone smile :)

January 23, 2013

As noted in a previous post about flower therapy, just looking at flowers can soothe the mind and put an energy in the room that’s much needed. Especially for those in stressful environment like the work place.

From personal experience, I remember feeling such an unexplained the joy the first time someone delivered flowers to me at my front door. The thought of someone caring about me in conjunction with receiving such a beautiful display really made my day- dare I say made my week!

If you know of someone who’s currently battling depression and constantly feels down, it can’t hurt to send them a friendly remind that they’re indeed very cared for. Especially after reading up on the wonderful affects of what flowers can do.

Below are some of our favorite flower/gift delivery companies that can deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers right to their door.

Sweet Tranquility Flower Basket
Sweet Tranquility Flower Basket

This Sweet Tranquility flower arrangement definitely practices what they preach. The beautiful burst of colorful petals arranged in a natural fashion, as though they were just picked from the garden, is sure to brighten anyways day.This display is fit for any home or office desk and is sure to bring a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and comfort to anyone you’re sending it to, as well as platonic if you’re sending it to someone who’s just a friend.Make your delivery extra special by adding a note of optimism or inspiration for your dear friend in need.
Beauty in Bloom Flower Bouquet
Beauty in Bloom Flower Bouquet

For a closer friends who means a bit more to you than just someone in the office or someone you go to school with, you may want to try these. With just a bit more dashes of pink, and the very feminine nature of the added pink bow and beautiful shaped vase, it’s sure to make anyone smile. My favorite part about this arrangement are the lovely white daisies and roses they’ve added front-and-center. Both that together symbolize friendship, and love.
Because You Are Special Flower Bouquet

Because You Are Special Flower Bouquet

Another one of our favorites that is the epitome of Flower Therapy. The burst of vibrant colors and hues aims to exude a sunny disposition to anyone who receives them. Could be for a close friend or a spouse and fits no occasion but every occasion. This is an ensemble to send “just because”, and is sure to make anyone smile.

Although there’s nothing quite as good as the real thing, here’s some flowers for your viewing pleasure.

How your Diet may be affecting your depression development

January 22, 2013


When it comes to depression, there are typical cases where people find depression relief in eating foor or takin diet supplements which increase the level of Trytophan. What is Trytophan, you ask? It’s a kind of amino acid primarily responsible for producing serotonin. Studies show that carbohydrates are actually in anti depression supplements. This lessens premenstrual syndrome for nearly three hours.

Basically, by simply eating high density of carbs, you can diminish the effect of depression in the body. Carbohydrates have a tendency to repair imbalances of ration in the body of the specific fatty acid and imbalances of these fatty acids affects the risk of depression. Maybe that’s the reason why we feel need to grab a box of snacks when we’re feeling down.

However, there are also very harmful substances in our consumption habits that can trigger symptoms of depression like drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking, and drug overdose.

Vitamins such as Vitamin B, C,  Calcium,  Iodine, and Amino complex have all been associated with protection against depression.

Niacin is also an important nutrient in producing tryptophan and helps promote Vitamin B3. It’s also been found to regulate blood flow to avert mental depression.

B12 and Calcium can assist in aleviating depression that takes place during menstruation. A 2001 study proved that this vitamin prevents postpartum depression.

If you truly wish to beat depression, choose your food wisely and adjust the proper nutrients or lack thereof where needed.


Tai Chi and its Health Benefits


It’s no secret that alternative health therapy is becoming widely searched by more and more people everyday. And believe it or not, Tai chi is one of the most popular exercises performed in the world today. Although it’s relatively new to the western world, it’s becoming more popular each day. This 2 thousand year old Chinese Martial Arts practice is actually quite simple to learn and comes with many benefits.

A friend of mine had been attending tai chi classes for about a year now and it seemed to have aided him in controlling his anxiety and stress levels. Stress issues had always been a huge factor he dealt with in his life and it became difficult for him to think positively. As a result, he now tries as many alternative treatments as possible to assist him in managing his stress. Between tai chi and meditation, both work incredibly well.

Ever since his attendance, he’s found that he’s able to deal with stress issues much better and has become less anxious than he used to be. People have also mentioned that he looks much younger and not to mention healthier than before. Supposedly, one amazing benefit of practicing Tai Chi is that it aides in delaying the aging process.

Some other benefits:

Improves Balance

Maintains mobility in people well into their old age

Reduces asthma

Aides in recovery from certain injuries

Bosts your immune system

Lowers blood pressure

This goes with out saying but although tai chi may not be for everyone, you can also try meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, reflxology, and yoga.

A Depression Treatment: Utilizing Yoga Over Medications as an Anti-depression treatment


20% Off All Yoga Clothing & Gear Now At Gaiam.com! Limited Time Only! Click Here! Before practicing Yoga for around 6 years now, my life was consumed by an every day existence induced by various symptoms of depression and incredibly low self-esteem. Aggravated due to horrible acne and bothersome symptoms of asthma, not feeling any depression symptoms was a rather rare occurrence. Well, it was rare until I discovered the therapeutic attributes of Yoga and how it can serve as a treatment for depression.

It is no surprise that I was not the only person experiencing such things as research shows some form of depression treatment that offered to over 20 million Americans annually in form of medication. Nonetheless, what really should be a primary concern are in fact the many side effects that come common with these types of anti-depression drugs. As effective as they may be for some period of time, it’s been found that depression drugs come with many side effects that include but are not limited to fatigue, nausea, insomnia, and sexual dysfunctions.

Fortunately, just as practically any other human sickness, there are natural alternatives to treatment such ailments without the accompaniment of side effects. One alternative for the treatment of depression is something we’ve all heard of, Yoga.

How can Yoga possibly be a depression treatment? Well, primarily, the gentle movements and poses that Yoga encompasses, Theta waves (dreams, emotions, and unconscious memory), and Alpha wave (relaxation) have the tendency to increase by a significant amount after performing them. These studies were founded by a Scandinavian study conducted by Eric Hoffman, Ph.D., which measured the brain wave activity before and after two-hours of a Yoga class.

20% Off All Yoga Clothing & Gear Now At Gaiam.com! Limited Time Only! Click Here!

In result, one tends to increase contact with your emotions and your own subconscious. Furthermore, after use, increase in alpha waves are in the right temporal region of your brain, which other studies show that people who deal with depression tend to have more alpha activity in the frontal-temporal left region, while optimistic, extroverted people seemed to have more alpha activity on the right.

The practice of Yoga also has noted a reduction in the hormone cortisol and an increase in a hormone known as prolactin happens; this is believed by many experts to hold the key to producing anti-depressant effects of electroshock therapy.

If this sounds a bit took complicated, maybe these simple illustrations of how effective Yoga works for depression treatment my be that it can exercise the motor centers of your brain, which makes the blood flow away from your emotional activity center; as a result one becomes more prone and receptive to positive thinking.

This can be achieved through a variety of Yoga poses, however I’ll narrow these down to my top 3 simple yet highly effective poses.

Depression Treatment: The best Yoga Poses for depression therapy

1. The Sun Salutations:

This stimulated and balances all systems of your body. This includes the nervous systems and endocrine systems that have great impact on our emotions. They also induce deep breathing which aides in alleviating stressful situations. Perform these in rounds of 3.

2. The Shoulder- Stand

This pose is actually quite simple to execute despite its deterring name.

3. The Relaxation Pose:

This pose sort of speaks for itself and involves lying completely motionless on your back with very deep breathing and meditation. This is usually performed for several minutes and can be combined with positive affirmations to be repeated mentally while you’re relaxing.

Share Your Voice – Make Connections

January 3, 2013


We really want this community to grow with members that genuinely want to help their fellow man. However to do that, we desire your input on what would make your experience and conversations better. If you ever have a thought, question, suggestion, or just want to say hello, you can use your profile feed to send us a global message. Just put @BlahTherapy when you make a post anywhere on the site. We’re just as much a part of this community as you, so never be afraid to just say hello!

On that note, utilize this feature as well as a means for your new found Blah Friends to find you simply by mentioning their username on posts or replies. As we promise to keep you completely anonymous while you’re chatting, you should no longer feel obligated to post your full e-mail address or third-party contact information anywhere on the site. If you’d like your new friends to contact you, simply tell them your Blah Therapy user name and have them “@” you to make contact with you.

KillerStartups – BLAHTherapy.com – Help Others & Be Helped



BLAHTherapy is a new random chat system that aims to render a noble service. In general terms, those who use it are either offering others a shoulder to cry on, or they are venting their frustrations and innermost fears themselves.

When you fist arrive on the site, then, you will be confronted with these two options for signing in: start chatting as a listener, and start chatting as a venter. You can swap sides later on, of course and be at the other opposite end.

Listening to someone as he vents his angst is mostly a matter of common sense, really, but the ones who devised the site were intelligent enough to include some reference materials. These include a guide for good listening along with an article named “Am I Normal?”.

At the end of the day, the chance of having another person listen to what worries you is not only liberating – it can actually help you find a solution once and for all. And even if you can’t solve the problem in its entirety, having a fresher perspective is always helpful…


Huffington Post – A mention of Blah Therapy



And perhaps these privacy issues are the source of anxiety and worry bringing an influx of users to the site “Blah Therapy”. This new website pairs random strangers together as “venters” and “listeners”, however, when we tried to unload our feelings the site was down due to an overload of users.


Famous Why – A Blah Therapy Review



BLAH Therapy is a web based chat application which allows users to meet random strangers around the world and converse with them. This is an application where people can meet other people, and without disclosing their full identity they can discuss about their problems and vent out issues which are bothering them.


College Candy – Web Spy: Blah Therapy



There are over 100 million sites on the Internet. 100 million! You might think you know about all the important ones (CollegeCandy, Gmail, Google, TFLN…), but there are thousands of other sweet sites out there (like Life is Beautiful, Go Try It On, andSoshiku) and more showing up every day! We get it – it’s not easy or fun sifting through the crap and porn to find those gems, so we’re gonna bring the gems to you. Just sit back, kick up those feet and allow us to introduce you to the diamonds in the internet rough.]

When I’ve got a problem that can’t be solved, the only way I know how to feel better is to eat things dipped in frosting vent to someone else and hope they’ll give me good advice.  Usually, the people I go to are those closest to me: my boyfriend, my BFFs, or my mom—but what to do when I can’t go to any of them about a particular crisis (because it concerns them or it’s something I just don’t want to share)?

I recently discovered a little site called Blah Therapy that solves the problem of not having someone around when I need someone to vent to. Basically, Blah Therapy is a chatroom site whose purpose is to bring complete strangers together to help each other with their problems by pairing those needing help with those willing to help.