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More flowers for Therapy – Flower delivery for making Someone smile :)

January 23, 2013

As noted in a previous post about flower therapy, just looking at flowers can soothe the mind and put an energy in the room that’s much needed. Especially for those in stressful environment like the work place.

From personal experience, I remember feeling such an unexplained the joy the first time someone delivered flowers to me at my front door. The thought of someone caring about me in conjunction with receiving such a beautiful display really made my day- dare I say made my week!

If you know of someone who’s currently battling depression and constantly feels down, it can’t hurt to send them a friendly remind that they’re indeed very cared for. Especially after reading up on the wonderful affects of what flowers can do.

Below are some of our favorite flower/gift delivery companies that can deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers right to their door.

Sweet Tranquility Flower Basket
Sweet Tranquility Flower Basket

This Sweet Tranquility flower arrangement definitely practices what they preach. The beautiful burst of colorful petals arranged in a natural fashion, as though they were just picked from the garden, is sure to brighten anyways day.This display is fit for any home or office desk and is sure to bring a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and comfort to anyone you’re sending it to, as well as platonic if you’re sending it to someone who’s just a friend.Make your delivery extra special by adding a note of optimism or inspiration for your dear friend in need.
Beauty in Bloom Flower Bouquet
Beauty in Bloom Flower Bouquet

For a closer friends who means a bit more to you than just someone in the office or someone you go to school with, you may want to try these. With just a bit more dashes of pink, and the very feminine nature of the added pink bow and beautiful shaped vase, it’s sure to make anyone smile. My favorite part about this arrangement are the lovely white daisies and roses they’ve added front-and-center. Both that together symbolize friendship, and love.
Because You Are Special Flower Bouquet

Because You Are Special Flower Bouquet

Another one of our favorites that is the epitome of Flower Therapy. The burst of vibrant colors and hues aims to exude a sunny disposition to anyone who receives them. Could be for a close friend or a spouse and fits no occasion but every occasion. This is an ensemble to send “just because”, and is sure to make anyone smile.

Although there’s nothing quite as good as the real thing, here’s some flowers for your viewing pleasure.

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