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BLAHTherapy is a new random chat system that aims to render a noble service. In general terms, those who use it are either offering others a shoulder to cry on, or they are venting their frustrations and innermost fears themselves.

When you fist arrive on the site, then, you will be confronted with these two options for signing in: start chatting as a listener, and start chatting as a venter. You can swap sides later on, of course and be at the other opposite end.

Listening to someone as he vents his angst is mostly a matter of common sense, really, but the ones who devised the site were intelligent enough to include some reference materials. These include a guide for good listening along with an article named “Am I Normal?”.

At the end of the day, the chance of having another person listen to what worries you is not only liberating – it can actually help you find a solution once and for all. And even if you can’t solve the problem in its entirety, having a fresher perspective is always helpful…


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