How your Diet may be affecting your depression development

January 22, 2013


When it comes to depression, there are typical cases where people find depression relief in eating foor or takin diet supplements which increase the level of Trytophan. What is Trytophan, you ask? It’s a kind of amino acid primarily responsible for producing serotonin. Studies show that carbohydrates are actually in anti depression supplements. This lessens premenstrual syndrome for nearly three hours.

Basically, by simply eating high density of carbs, you can diminish the effect of depression in the body. Carbohydrates have a tendency to repair imbalances of ration in the body of the specific fatty acid and imbalances of these fatty acids affects the risk of depression. Maybe that’s the reason why we feel need to grab a box of snacks when we’re feeling down.

However, there are also very harmful substances in our consumption habits that can trigger symptoms of depression like drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking, and drug overdose.

Vitamins such as Vitamin B, C,  Calcium,  Iodine, and Amino complex have all been associated with protection against depression.

Niacin is also an important nutrient in producing tryptophan and helps promote Vitamin B3. It’s also been found to regulate blood flow to avert mental depression.

B12 and Calcium can assist in aleviating depression that takes place during menstruation. A 2001 study proved that this vitamin prevents postpartum depression.

If you truly wish to beat depression, choose your food wisely and adjust the proper nutrients or lack thereof where needed.


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