Viskronika said 5 years, 4 months ago:

Today’s my birthday and I’m turning 19, I’ve never been rich or even middle class so as you’d expect Ive never had a birthday like birthdays are usually expected to be, I never get a party or decorations or gifts, which I can get over, but I never get to spend it with my small family – I only have 2 other family members and no friends, i have a gf but she forgot about it and I told her it was today and got a rather apathetic response, Birthdays for me have been losing their “magic” since i could remember and since then I’ve cried on every birthday – every year because i’m a “hsp” highly sensitive I guess that’s why anyway. I’ve gotten so tired of this- it seems like no one cares and nothing matters, i mean except me even as I try not to care, I still have an overwhelming sadness and I still wash my pillows in salty tears, I feel like I’m being selfish or a b*tch because I’m not happy, I did buy cake mix so I’ll have some cake this year but again by myself. I’m really depressed rn and I feel worse about myself, am I right? am I being an ungrateful b*tch? or whats wrong with me? : ( I’m really struggling.

mariko said 5 years, 4 months ago:

@miserystoy first of all , happy birthday! (sorry is a bit late :c )
Second of all, you’re not “highly sensitive”, you’re in your right to feel how you feel. I see emotional people being just a bit more “human” :) .
Now to answer your question: no, you’re not in the wrong and not ungratefull. The goal of having a birthday is to remember the accomplisments of each year, to remind us and our loved ones we are alive, well and going strong. So obviously you would want at least a “happy birthday!” or a hug for example. I’ve been what you gone through, however I was a bit more lucky since the blah members wished me hb and my boyfriend did aswell. But I know how it sucks you go out and no one says anything, you expect at least a text , someone to remember. However I realised sometimes people are either busy with their lifes or .. sadly don’t care. If your case is people not caring, I suggest you trying to find new friends. In the case of your gf tell her how it means to you. Take your time, take a deap breath and explain her in a calm voice how much would mean if she cared a bit more.
I hope that next year you’re still around btw so we can all wish you a happy birthday, and hopefully your family and friends will be nicer. You deserve all the love in your special day :)

laylab95 said 5 years, 4 months ago:

I want to wish you a happy birthday firstly and I have to agree with Mariko. You’re not selfish or anything you’re a freaking human being that once to be celebrated. I recently spoken in the sense about myself as well since on my birthdays, I usually be crying and consider taking my life like seriously since I was 8. I call my birthdays “death days” a day in which I am officially cursed until next year but you know what? I try my hardest to shake that funk and be optimistic. My birthday is in December and I’m hoping to travel a bit, maybe see a concert but if I end up crying, alone. I’ll be okay. I think for your case if you can separate the ideal that your birthday can only be celebrated on the day of your birth, you’ll be okay. You can always celebrate and be happy get the balloons and all tomorrow or even next week. You deserve to be celebrated every day okay? If you want to talk, feel free to message me (:

rinseandrep said 5 years, 4 months ago:

@miserystoy GIrlfriend as in partner? If yes :/ that must have hurt. I hope you manage to set up something nice/special to make it different, at least for this year, even in the days immediately after. I’m weird with birthdays, in the end only what I decide for counts as a positive.