Natalie said 1 year ago:

No… I haven’t…

Have you ever been to a barbecue?

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

As a matter of fact, yes.

Have you ever been someplace but wished you were someplace else?

Natalie said 1 year ago:

I have been to this bar called Someplace Else. And when I was at another bar which wasn’t quite as nice, I did wish I were at Someplace Else.

Have you ever spent an evening listening to smooth jazz?

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

Isn’t that near the End of the Universe?

No. Just some Norah Jones for a bit.

Have you replaced a toilet?

Natalie said 1 year ago:

No.. I leave that to dad.. or the guy who comes and replaces it

Have you ever cried after a cricket match?

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

No. I have never watched one. A sticky wicket!

Have you fallen asleep at a desk at school?

Natalie said 1 year ago:

Countless times.

Have you ever slept under a starry sky?

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

I have. You need some bug spray on, usually.

Have you worn pajamas to school or work?

ClareBear said 1 year ago:

Yes, i wore pajamas all throughout elementary school because i hated showering in the morning.

What’s a cool place you’ve gone to that people don’t really know about?

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

I used to be able to climb on a garage roof from a fence. Sometimes I would go there at night and lay there looking up at the sky. Sometimes I would see satellites or a meteor. Saw the space station once. Not as many bugs up high either.

Have you ever got lost in the woods?

Flameaura said 1 year ago:

Nope, doubt I’ve ever been inside a woods.
Where would you take your first date to? (Or if you already had one, where did you guys go to?)

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

Never seen inside a woods? Goodness gracious me.

If I was dating you I would take you to a woods! Otherwise, I would explore some place neither of us had been – a museum or a nature spot. It would be fun to see their reaction to something new.

Have you been to Niagara Falls?

Natalie said 1 year ago:

No, I haven’t. But I will go.

If you had a time machine, which time would you go to first? And when, where and why?

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

27-29 AD in Roman occupied Israel – I would want to see the Prophet in real life. This would be a fun thread topic!

Have you ever started an academic paper with the words, “Hi there!”?

Natalie said 1 year ago:

No. I prefer an A over F.

Would you ever die for someone?