Hinterlander said 5 years, 11 months ago:

There are perverts who think everyone as just sex objects all the time…….but people who really want love and passion resort to sexting for mental comfort – Are they becoming a slave to it? Or is it good enough to get oneself from stress and provides joy no matter what?

rinseandrep said 5 years, 11 months ago:

@picturesque-tray Let’s see.
From Your Brain On Porn by Gary Wilson:
“Why are you browsing YouTube videos of girls dancing in shorts? What’s the point of sexting, webcams, phone sex, fantasising constantly, reading erotic stories, browsing dating profiles (without the intention of contacting them), typing pornstar names on Google image search, checking out social media sites, etc?
All of these activities increase your urge to masturbate. They reinforce the very same pathways you’re trying to weaken. They keep your mind occupied with sexual thoughts, tits, asses, f–king, getting off, hot chicks, etc. They make rebooting much harder and more painful.
Either try to get laid (approach potential partners, set up dates, flirt, contact friends, go out) or do something completely unrelated to sex (work, study, exercise, hang out). The whole idea is to move away from that artificial/fantasy world and into the real world.”

Now, where do you see yourself compared to this, which is the point of view of someone whom the author considers addicted (or close to be) to pornography and masturbation? Is the sexting with someone you are getting close to, moving towards a relationship? Is it with random people?

For more, reading the book can be insightful.