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well, you want to see me here it is..i love to write, i sing, love to act, read in spare time, socially awkward at the worst of times, and Monophobic(i think thats the term), but not a whole lot of people know that I've attempted suicide..3 the time i was going through a lot of issues and major depression. now i worry about relapsing and ending up in a box under ground. i might be a bit young but i feel like I learned more in 4 years than i could in 10.i have been shunned, hated, lonely, suicidal(obvi. much)and put as close to insanity as i care to admit, but I've learned that behind every smile is a sob choked back and tears wiped away, behind every laugh is a soul possibly on the verge of giving up. but i refuse to be forgotten so i try to live life as much as i can (without getting into that much trouble)-cheers and love, Alex <3

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Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, Education, General, Health & Fitness, Phobias, Relationships, Sexuality, Social Anxiety

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