Miss.TalksAlot said 5 years, 1 month ago:

I love making poems, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Post all your poems in here, and let other people read it and comment to it! I hope to see great work!

(I’ll post a poem from time to time to begin with.)

Miss.TalksAlot said 5 years, 1 month ago:

(for people getting bullied)

Getting bullied and I didn’t understand,
I had friends but on the other hand..

I felt hated and left out,
I was crying and used to shout

Nobody minded me,
They couldn’t see
how much they’ve hurt,
now I’m just covered in dirt

I want to live my own pretty life,
Which is in peace and with my wife
She’ll make me laugh and forget,
what has ever been said

Miss.TalksAlot said 5 years ago:

You tell me another lie
and act like you care
but actually want to let me cry
the pain you have you’ll share

you carry it around
and act all tough
but it’s just an excuse
to be mean and to be rough

you look sweet and innocent
but it’s all an act, you just pretend
you say ”I’m worried about you”
but hating is the only thing you do

I’m just walking away
I hoped that you won’t stay
but you’re way too smart
and now you are a part
part of our family.

Miss.TalksAlot said 5 years ago:

The pain won’t go away,
it’ll permantly stay
The fear won’t leave my mind,
so how am I supposed to stay kind?

Snooze said 5 years ago:

Oh no..it’s here
My unconditional fear.
It lies in wait
..ready to seal my shortcoming fate.

Like the weather it’s moody.
Although I’m only happy when its droomy.
Like a dog is terrified of thunder,
I fear for my storm.

What do you think so far?

Miss.TalksAlot said 5 years ago:

@Snooze Really nice! (:

TheMatter said 5 years ago:

I need you to turn Blue into Bliss,
For the rest of the world is just so hit and miss,
And all it would take is naught but a kiss,
But I need just you to turn Blue into Bliss.

The socials give a mechanical hiss,
As all of their cogs fit together like this,
And none of their world will be hit and miss,
But I’ll still need you to turn Blue into Bliss.

Somewhere out there is a world that does hold,
The two of us with a hug in the cold,
The world I’m with you would be better than this,
For I just need you to turn Blue into bliss.

I just need you to turn Blue into Bliss,
For heaven’s sake can we skip to the kiss?
Do I want to give this story a miss,
When you’re all I’ll need to turn Blue into Bliss?

The social world lets a could of steam,
Good makes us cry and bad makes us scream,
Group all surround and pretend their a team,
Just for they’re of our low self-esteem.

I’ve drawn my last arrow and wished I don’t miss,
For I need just hit to turn Blue into Bliss,
While others collide, our lives simply kiss,
God I just hope I hit, turn Blue into Bliss.

TheMatter said 5 years ago:

I’m tired of the way,
the world passes my by,
And again, day by day,
I’m tired of the way,

I’m wishing for a change,
Praying for a destination,
Walking a mental pilgramige,
Working on an estimation -

How long will it take me now,
To find an unfound truth,
I want to break the cycle now,
For myself I need no proof.


World view changed in an instant,
Unpersistant, rushed,
Malificent, evil round the courner,
Every courner.

Death, injuries, for instance,
All at once it’s crashing by,
Ridding me of all resistance,
A huge yawn now a small sigh.

I wished this upon myself,
But now another layer of my-
lies on top of what was here before.

Am I the cause or on the shelf,
Watching down and feeling so-
I’ll die here now for something more.


Love, romance, smiles again,
And for a while there is no rain,
I see the sun around once more,
The world has now unlocked my door,

I’m free to roam the world as me,
But this exciting recipie,
Has given me a fast release,
But leaves behind a missing peice.

Consistency, it is the key -
Smash! Flash! Bang! Now I see!
Suddenly a shocking change,
Excites the world, past normal range.

But gravity will pull us back,
Down to Earth, then pin and tack,
Us to the wall, we sit and wait,
For drama at a later date.

TheMatter said 5 years ago:

The world around us overpowers us and holds weapons to our throats,
The rain around us stops the sun and we’ve forgot our coats,
The army strikes and we’re all knights but they’ve dried up out moats,
And now the world kicks us out – just candles for our boats.

TheMatter said 5 years ago:

This world,

once a thriving metropolis in my mind,
a playground for the gods,
has been reviled to me
to truly be
A crumbling, collapsing ruins.


Hid in the back of my mind,
When my life was for the dogs,
have returned to me
And now I see,
I loved the world that lived here more a world ago.

These ruins,
Are not what I remember, are not what I once saw;
Once a beauty hidden in jet black paint
has fallen a tainted fall.

In my stupidity,
I did leave thee,
in my busyness I was ignorant,
and I wish to me,
that I could see,
6 months ago what now stands here by fault perhaps of my own.

I apologise and bow to the fallen world around me of which is simply a false replica of the world I once did know. I do not see why once upon a time you removed all evidence of the memories that turned what was bittersweet into pure sugar and provided me the energy I needed to follow through the life I once promised me that I would lead.
Now though as the fuel in this city runs dry, I also thank you, the god of this world for supplying me with the fossil fuels that led my through the days many months ago. I apologise to you for not doing what I perhaps could of to maybe save this world yet as it falls I also thank you for the happy memories it blessed me.

~The one from once upon a time

TheMatter said 5 years ago:

F is for Friends who go on without you,
U is for You’re alone;
N is for Nobody wants to be with you,

Down here in the irony;

F is for Friends that you helped forever,
U is for You’re in need;
N is for Not many would be as well without

your life being misery.

F is for books and thoughts made of Fiction,
U is for Useless poems;
N is for Nothing that you’ll ever fin’ly do

Will soon help anybody.

F is for Friends who left and betrayed you,
U is for Unaccepted;
N is for Never, in happiness and love,

Down here when you’re living me.

F is for Fragile hearts on the inside,
U are Unnecaserry;
N is for negative – you never want to smile

When you’re all stuck with me.

L for the loser,
I for the insect,
F for gone – Finally;
E is for everywhere you get harassed by them

Down here with the hidden me.

TheMatter said 5 years ago:

When you’ve called me stupid or geeky, nerdy or weird,
And you’ve hit me, beat me, my eyes have teared.
What am I to you, I ask, why am I not fine?
I ask this question now because I’m now your punchline.

You call me names, you hit me, you look down on me too,
Just because you don’t like me doesn’t mean that this you need to do.
But still, you go on, and pictures you tag,
Unless you’re close by, and I can be your punchbag.

And it doesn’t end just because the bell rings,
You leave, but you still do troubling things,
For in our world distance doesn’t stop us at all,
As you have my number, you need just make a call.

And now I believe, once all has gone wrong,
Those things that you said with your devilish, forked tongue,
Now that I’ve been left by one of my most dear,
Your voice follows me, provoking my fear.

I cannot escape and still move, live on,
And what can I do now my smiles are gone?
I feed on emotion, on feelings and trust,
But my situation left my heart in rust.

A rope, a gun, and that’s all it needs,
As on my brain your evil still feeds,
but a light shines down as through the same method,
That you had used, a cure has been perfected.

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’
This is not true, this I did not heed,
For I found a true friend not needing me,
But helping, caring and loving, you see?

And now no matter how you hoard your friends and try and put me down,
You’ll never make me leave this world until there’s no-one else in town,
For one can always find a friend even in their darkest hour,
And though we all still see the darkness none of us will lose our power.

So no matter how you hoard your friends and call me names all day,
There’s nothing after the sixth hour to stop me going away,
And I challenge you to try it, to beat me to the ground,
When the whole Earth is on my side while your men are from the lost and found.

And if we were to have a war, your side against mine,
Us two leading our own forces, hoping to win within time,
There’d be nothing you could do to me or any of my friends,
For we all love each other and don’t bother to go round these bends.

Yes you make our lives a challenge, putting speed bumps on the road,
But I’ll never end up coming back, and before we met I slowed.
Your hatred spread like wildfire, but to my last once of strength,
I fought of your evil disease and pushed you back a length.

And looking back on my new story I wonder; if I tried,
Would you now leave the dark side and join me, by my side?
But I cannot pull the courage, I cannot form the sound,
For if I ask and you say ‘No,’ my defence would wall straight to the ground.

So now I sit here wondering, and this is all I do,
Because years before I killed our strand,
You loved me, and I loved you.
Yes, years ago we shared a love, and I remember then,
But you left me, and ‘ I love you’ changed to a ‘Do you remember when?’

Hatred is a disease, and I’m alive still for the cure,
But you were lost, and that’s a cost that surely makes me poor.

TheMatter said 5 years ago:

Whaddaya think?

carmen said 5 years ago:


Those were all amazing!!! I found some way to connect something, whether it was myself, a friend, or the world to your poetry. I love the way you express and i am craving more from you!!! Please post more, if you can, because i just cant et enough!! >.<

carmen said 5 years ago:

The last time I saw your face,
All my mind did was race.
The joy I felt as my spirit arose,
I knew my heart opened up, didn’t close.

The last time I saw your eyes,
I knew you were speaking lies.
When the sound of your voice hit my ear,
I stood there, frozen in my own fear.

The last time I spoke to you,
I learned that all those rumors, were true.
You don’t even bother care,
Not a single penny to spare.

The last time I felt your heart,
I realized we had drifted apart.
You treated me like a broken toy doll.
You really didn’t care about me at all.


Now its been years-
Years worth of tears.
Cries, sobs, drenched in pillows,
With depression and confusion that follows.

Years you’ve been gone,
And yet, now you decide to come back along.
But you abandoned me, left!!
Now your back?? In my happiness, you intercept.

I think not, I can’t trust you again.
So much sorrow, so much pain.
Just tell me, what it is that you gain??
From your coming-and-going little game??

I’ve grown up to realize,
How naive I was to believe your lies.
Nevermore will I give you the power,
to protect me, while I cower.
Nevermore will I cower, because
Nevermore will I be feared like I was.

This is the last time I ever feel this way.
This is the last time, you’ll find me astray.
I’ve found my path, now that I’ve grown,
My Dear King, you have been renounced of your Throne.

(i wrote this a few years ago… i recently found it again and well, i edited a little, lemme know how i did (/-’)/ )