L B said 9 years ago:

My list of coping skills:go for a long walk; deep breathing; clean up/organize something; talk; stay in the moment; watch funny youtube videos; write; draw; paint; color ; ask for help; read; journal; write; come up w/ more coping skills; sing; knot a bracelet/bookmark; cross stitch; make jewelry; drink something hot (not too hot); make/edit videos; hugging pets, petting pets; work on expanding vocab; meditate; watch TV; play an instrument; help someone else; type up a story snap a rubber band (not too many times) stroke something soft positive self talk rub in hand lotion scribble on sheets of paper be with other people paint your nails do schoolwork look up at the sky let yourself cry watch a candle burn (be safe, don’t play w/ flame) rip paper hug someone/a pillow scream write letters/emails talk to yourself build a pillow fort play with modeling clay/play doh do something you’ve been putting off search for ridiculous things on the internet play the “15 minute game” (set an amount of time, say “I just have to get through the next 5/10/15 minutes” then repeat, etc) alphabetize books try to make words out of other words play with a slinky blow bubbles play with toys/dolls write yourself a nice letter play a computer game write a letter to a useful inanimate object rearrange your room drink some tea stretch watch a funny movie eat your favorite snack focus on self compassion compliment someone create a schedule for your day make a list of books you’ve read make a list of books you want to read aromatherapy make a collage squeeze a stress ball punch a pillow look up jokes “What do I need right now?” go window shopping contemplate a random subject look up a random picture on the internet, stare at it, notice details, make up a story about it hold ice focus on your breathing rub skin w/ a toothbrush imagine your happy place use a pillow to hit a wall in your room play video games choose a random object and list many uses for it (be as silly as you want) examine an object and write about it, include details start a blog put on red lipstick talk/rant to fave stuffed animal do a writing exercise/prompt write a letter to someone in your future repeat an obscenity of your choiceI really hope at least one of those helps you at least a little bit.

Ghostly said 9 years ago:

Usually just sleep, or listen to music. That’s really all I do if I’m feeling really low. I kind of just wait it out.

Raven_Wings said 9 years ago:

Music, reading, a hot bath or shower, sunshine, sit by the water, let myself cry, scream into a pillow, walk with my iPod on loud, watch a good show, writing. Really anything that takes my attention off of the feelings that are burning me up.

Nipsy_ said 9 years ago:

Sleeping, rocking, and alcohol, mostly.

Julybug said 9 years ago:

I would have to say my best coping way is to listen to loud music, go on my laptop; doing anything, really, that makes sure I don’t really think to myself.

Bliss said 9 years ago:

Alternative and rock music

Chloe said 9 years ago:

Watching a good movie always gets my mind away from my problems, and usually the problems in the movies are more complicated than my own, so it puts things into perspective. Just relaxing.

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

I like to paint my nails and watch Joey Graceffa youtube videos! I calms me and adds a little laugh to my system.

Alec said 9 years ago:

Origami, it sounds strange but just having something to do with my hands and something to focus on really helps me.

Vickie said 9 years ago:

Listening to upbeat music with good lyrics, KNITTING!!, writing, watching old school TLC interviews on youtube, blogging, and watching a movie on netflix or something I own.

Fraffee said 9 years ago:

Painting, blogging, watching Youtube videos, cleaning, drinking tea, making tea, exercising, reading.

flutterbygrl said 8 years, 11 months ago:

Dancing. When I’m really down, sometimes I get myself to do goofy stupid stuff that I would NEVER do outside of home! Eventually I make myself laugh.

safe&sound said 8 years, 11 months ago:

Exercise, listen to music, take a walk or write down my problem in my journal. These things always seem to make me a feel a little better even if my problem isn’t resolved.

ErkaustNoAme said 8 years, 11 months ago:

Mine are sleeping, trying to avoid everyone, and laying alone in my bed, or venting on here.

Adrienne said 8 years, 11 months ago:

I love to play an instrument. So far I’m at flute, piano, guitar, saxophone, and drums. But I want to learn more! And I like to write, read, listen to music, and I usually work out if my anxiety gets really bad.