dontknowwhattodo142 said 8 years, 11 months ago:

So 2 months ago I met my girlfriend and I instantly fell in love with her. I have never felt anything like it before and I have been very happy with her. The other night she told me she has been depressed and suicidal. She told me she has seen ways to kill herself and she will think about ways to die as she is driving. I have gone through depression before but I got out of it so I know how she feels. She doesnt want to see a therapist or get any help because she has done that before and is afraid it will turn into a big mess. She doesnt want me to tell her parents because she thinks that they wont do anything to help her that they wont really care. I am very worried because a few days ago she drank just a bottle cap of cough syrup because she wanted to see what it would do to her. She said she is thinking of drinking the entire bottle because it can end all the pain she is suffering now. I have found her support groups and phone numbers she can call that way she doesnt have to go see anyone and she can do it all at home but she doesnt want to. I am getting very nervous about what to do. I think she needs professional help but I dont know how to give that to her. A part of me wants to tell her family so they know and they can help her and another part of me doesnt want to because she asked me and right now I want to do everything she says so I can support her. I am very scared and dont know what to do. any help with this situation will be greatly appreciated. just anything please help me I am very scared.

scotlandbuddy said 8 years, 11 months ago:

i think you need to sit down with her family and explain the situation. they need to know what is happening with her and they need to be able to provide the support to her that she needs as well as your support. She sounds like she does need professional help and it may be something her family have to make happen even if she doesnt want it. i hope she can get the help she needs

FreddyFazebear said 8 years, 11 months ago:

You need to tell her family because she needs help. Do it before it’s too late

JustASpeck said 8 years, 11 months ago:

Sit with her and ask her to be serious…Why doesn’t she want her family to know? If she still says that they won’t do anything, and that’s the only reason, talk to her parents…
If there is something else that’s seriously happening in her family, see if a school counsilor will help, or sit with her when she calls. Be there when you’re trying to be supportive. Sometimes making the phone call is the hardest thing. Maybe sit with her, call for her, then pass the phone so she didnt have to press dial. It may sound silly, but it may help.

In all seriousness, it is probably best that you talk to her parents. Tell them that she didn’t want them to know, because she was afraid they wouldn’t do something (although that probably means she is actually afraid that they WILL do something). Tell them to be carefull and to go about talking to her gently. You know the family and the situation. We don’t.

That being said, if her parents are normally supportive, tell them. If they normally don’t care, you need to step up, maybe go above only her parents. Again, a school counsilor or even a doctor may help. Go with her. That will help her the most.

If you want to talk more about it, send me a message. All the best.

HittinOnDorky said 8 years, 10 months ago:

Honestly, the book “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini saved my life. It encouraged me to get the help I needed when I was at my lowest. Suicide is scary, but no one can force her to get to a place where she can ask for help, even from herself. Remember that depression is a stigma that will lie to you and make you see what is not there. Not everyone can be helped the in the same manner, so take some time to think on what will make her remember why she loves living.

SleepingDog said 8 years, 10 months ago:

Personally, I think telling her parents would be a last resort step, for now you have her trust and you probably don’t want to break it, as that’ll mean you won’t be able to get through to her.

I’d try to make sure that she feels that she is loved and cared for. Ultimately I’d try to get her to open up and talk about the roots of the depression but that will have to come slowly. Just keep supplying her with warmth.