kasey said 6 years, 10 months ago:

a while ago – maybe a year or so – i diagnosed myself with misophonia. misophonia is a feeling of anger, anxiety, or fear in response to a “trigger noise.” common trigger noises include sniffling, chewing food and chewing gum. i did a lot of research and found that many of my symptoms (anger, a need to stop a trigger sound, crying in response to an ‘overload’ of triggers) matched with descriptions online. since then i’ve been trying to come to terms with calling my issue a mental illness, and to stop using the inaccurate euphemism, “bad sounds,” to describe my triggers. i’ve really been trying to accept to myself that yes, i have this illness, and no, it’s not going away. and it’s hard to vent to people.
people will often nod and sympathize when i say i dislike certain sounds, but when i really start to vent, or – god forbid – ask them to stop making a trigger noise, they get uncomfortable. it’s really disheartening to trust someone enough to vent to them and then realize that they really weren’t there for you and your problems in the first place.
i guess i just wanted to rant about that stuff and then find out if anyone here is misophonic, and maybe get some help with coping, because recently i’ve had a lot of trouble handling my triggers. i was also willing to help spread information about misophonia. i know a lot of people don’t quite know anything about it so i want to help anyone who wants to understand.