Monochrome Pear said 5 years, 8 months ago:

So growing up was this experience where I was always a social outcast to a degree, But I didn’t see why or understand what made me different until my Mom sat me down and told me how I had Asperger’s and many tears were shed during this conversation and at the time I still didn’t fully understand how much this would effect me as an individual.
As I’ve aged I’ve developed a phobia for sorts. It’s commonly known as Agoraphobia, Which basically means I’m afraid of being outside.
So I’ve just developed into a giant mess of issues, and I’m constantly afraid I’ll never get my life together.
Maybe it’s just me being cynical but half of my family thinks I just fake it, the other half accept it slightly but think I should be able to deal with it by just forcing me outside. (Besides my Mom, But she can’t do much because of her boyfriend)
I’m just.. Stuck. Afraid, different, alone and losing hope in myself as a functioning individual.