insecure and ugly girl said 6 years, 4 months ago:

So I like this guy, he’s 2 grades above me and I don’t know. I am so intimidated by the fact that I have a crush on him because of my insecurities. I always feel like he will never like me because I’m fat and ugly. I’m nowhere near perfection. I don’t even know if I’m only crushing on him or falling. Either way, I’m still intimidated.

Day by day, I find myself falling more and more deeper for him. I don’t know why, we’ve never even been on dates or anything. We’ve talked but meh.. I’m always the one starting the conversation on Facebook (we don’t have each other’s number) besides, I really think he’s a bad texter. I mean, he doesn’t even use any emoticons?! It’s normal to him but not to me because he makes me feel like I’m disturbing him or sth :/

I remember we had this conversation once, we were just chatting (our convo never really died but sometimes it feels dead to me eventhough its alive idk its weird) so anyways, we were just chatting and I asked if I was disturbing him as he seems busy. He replied me and said “kinda, I’m actually studying for my tests tomorrow but it’s fine” I apologized, he asked me if I had any homework, I said no and we continued talking again.

2 days ago, I went to study at Starbucks which was a walking distance from his house. My laptop died and I needed a charger, I was chatting with him then so I asked if he could do me a favor and he said sure. He was sick and he wanted to ask his parents if he could help bring the charger to Starbucks for me. I refused his offer and told him it’s alright, I’ll just walk to his house and take it from him. I took it from him. 2 hours later, I went back to his house to give it back to him and gave him chocolate and a drink. I told him it was for the charger, I wanted to thank him for it coz I felt bad that i had to take his charger away. He refused it and told me to take it back but I told him it’s for him and he said thanks. I left a note that says “Hey, thankyou for lending me your charger (: get well soon, here’s a little something for you coz you literally saved my life xD”

Yesterday, he came to school and when I was walking up the stairs, I didn’t really notice that he was behind me when suddenly, I heard a voice calling my name. I turned around and realized it was him. I was blushing, it made my day. I decided to start a convo with him at night and we talked. Idk how it started but apparently he found my from my Facebook and told me that judging from my, I’m like a drama magnet. I felt like it’s the end of this whole.. I don’t know what to call it but yeah. I’m starting to feel like there’s no hope in me and you, in us. anymore.

So what do you guys think I should do with him? Should I keep talking to him or? I really want to be someone to him. I want to be his’. HELP! :(

Rainie said 6 years, 3 months ago:

First off your looks shouldn’t be a problem. A person will love you for who you are not what they see on the outside. Believe me, I am a bit chubby too and my bf has accepted all of me since day 1 because it’s not what determines me.

And for the most part, you are talking to him and that’s a start. Maybe get to know him more and try planning some study hangouts and such or go see a movie together. He seems to be a really nice guy. It’s not wrong to take a chance in telling him that you like him. When the time comes just let him know. Whether or not he returns the feelings just be glad you got it off your chest. Also then it can allow you to actually focus time on someone else. I believe there’s someone out there for all of us and it takes trials before it’s the one.

Sean said 6 years, 3 months ago:

This is coming from a teenage guy: I think he is starting to notice you, and definitely is interested in you in some way. The only way you can solve this is by doing something about it. I am tired of all girls leaving it up to the guy to make their move, and start everything. Try to make it clear that you are interested(romanticly) and then suggest some sort of date where you make the move, or straight up tell him how you feel(if you are brave enough)