Darken177 said 9 years ago:

I’m a 17 year old gay male, and i’m in a relationship with another man. I live with him but he’s a little bit older than me. He is the manager of 5 businesses but is always at a certain one. Nobody gives him a break and he’s always on the go. Well. He’s my first actual boyfriend that I would consider a boyfriend and I love him…… so… much…. I don’t know what to do anymore… All my life i’ve been blamed for things that I was involved in, abandoned in time of need, never really helped… and it’s catching up to me. Since all of those things happened I have trust issues. Especially with me boyfriend… Since he’s always busy I can’t call him while he’s not doing anything at work, sometimes I can but it get’s shortened from the lack of privacy.. I know he loves me and would never cheat on me but my mind is stuck on negative situations because that’s all I’ve had my whole life. I don’t know how to stop thinking negative. I get jealous or thinking he’s talking to someone else all the time and I don’t mean to but I want to stop… but I don’t know how.. he’s been really stressed out lately and i’m trying to cheer him up but it usually fails.. well atleast that’s what I think because he won’t really smile. I’m becoming more and more depressed because of my grades and everything else.. i’m always with him but when i’m away from him I feel like he’s bored and alone so he wants to look for someone else…. theres so much to say.. but basically all I need advice with right now is, how can I just put my trust in him, how can I not think negative and when I do how can I stop, and how can I stop taking things to heart… i’ll answer any questions as long as see them as non-revealing of ages names addresses etc. Please.. somebody help because I feel like he’s getting tired of me always being depressed….

Earine said 9 years ago:

you have no reason to be upset in my opinion. Sure, from your words I can understand you had a sad past and it’s affecting who you are now but hey, your life is going in the right way now, look at you, got a boyfriend you are able to spend time with, a person that will not blame you or abandon you! and you are so young, you need to focus on your study. your boyfriend works hard and you should do that too, in that way you can get some distance to think about something else (I think that your “jealousy” and the feeling of anxiety you get when you are not around him is because you spend too much time with him/thinking about him) Also, Don’t feel bad if you can’t cheer him up sometimes, working is really stressful and can make you mad or sad for a long time, in that case all you need is to be alone for a bit, relaxing…
Of course you should make him know you’ll always be there for him, but try to create some privacy moments too c: