Can anyone help me?


I feel so strange these days… I’m so super tired, I have lots of breaking down moments that I just start to cry but when I’m really sad I can’t. And I when I’m hungry and want to eat something I just can’t… My tummy just gets blocked or something…

Does anyone know what this could be???

asked June 27, 2014

4 Answers

This is exactly what I started to feel/go through. Turns out I'm a depressive it might be worth going to see someone or having a chat with your doctor.
Lately I feel exactly like you, so maybe my perspective could be of some use to you. If you have a reason why you're being stressed out, maybe you can do something about it. Constant downs, numbness and tearfulness can be a result of an inner conflict as well. Also, regarding the food, some people, when they are feeling stressed tend to eat a lot and some people tend to skip meals willingly. So I believe that this ,what you are going through at the moment, doesn't necessarily have to be depression.
It could be depression or it could just something I always considered a form of boredom. I went through a bit where I was unemployed, had nothing to do more often than not, I sat around a lot feeling sorry for myself, being depressed, tired, I wanted to eat but I just wasn't hungry. Eating was just something that would occupy my time, etc etc.So I started engaging myself. Found things to do. Things that got me up even if they were just mindless household tasks. It felt good to get something done. It helped me out a lot with that lethargy and depression.Just believe. Don't let it get the best of you!
My first thought too was that it might be depressive symptoms.