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    - "Words to accurately describe me: Pathetic, reclusive, failure, sad, depressed, lost, lonely, stupid, hopeless, alone :( "View
    Experience with: Bullying, Depression
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    - "Hello there,it’s my first time here.I’m just don’t know what to do… I’m keep thinking,is it worth it to gave up my health,just for other people ? "View
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    - "@chelseawalker how do I send a message again I forgot sort "View
    Experience with: Abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Careers, Depression, Eating Disorders, Education, General, Grieving, Health & Fitness, Phobias, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Social Anxiety
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    - "Goddamn I miss fish balls so much. Or home too, I guess. "View
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