GG said 9 years ago:

Does anyone know any protection spells? Preferably ones for protecting ones home or loved one from harm and/or negative entities?

Dannizy said 8 years ago:

Some folk charms I found that you can try to use to protect your home include hanging a pair of scissors above the door to cut off negative energy from entering (just make sure the scissors are safely hung); scenting your pillow with lavender to attract sweet dreams or help you fall asleep faster; make a small pile of round, white stones in a corner of your house as a prayer monument. Leave milk and honey as offerings to spirits who will protect your home; place a cluster of acorns on the front door to protect the residence and those who reside there; or place a full glass of water on your night stand each night to collect negative energy (don’t drink it).

To protect your pet, choose the accurate elemental candle:
Terrestrial: brown
Water-bound: blue
Winged: yellow
Amphibian: red
Burn the candle – focus on the light and the Deities you have chosen. Burn the candle and place the stub and any other items you may have involved in the spell in a drawstring bag and hang in your home.

Also, draw a hot bath and place in it rosemary, rue, lavender, basil (fresh, preferably), mint, and a handful of coarse salt. Let the bath steep for a few minutes before getting in. Soak for awhile and visualize your body absorbing the positive energies from the herbs. When done, save a bit of the water and herbs to toss outside.
If looking to protect someone who lives outside of your home, you could offer them some of these charms or perhaps the herbs to have the herbal protection bath.