Balsa said 8 years, 1 month ago:

I dont know if this is the right group but I just need to vent some frustrations right now. I had rented a home from this guy Chad. Well, I thought he was a good, fair, nice person/ landlord. Long story short, I had to move, and he still owed me 250.00 which he said will pay me when he gets a new tenant, and I said that’s ok I can wait. Well now its May and I finally got a hold of him now hes saying that it cost over 600.00 to have the house cleaned ( which he did himself) and he wasn’t going to give me what was owed to me.

Im not a slob and when I left of course I did minor cleaning. Like clean counters, vacuuming ,mopped the kitchen floor, etc. nothing major because he still had 300.00 deposit for cleaning. I figure he can rent a rug doctor for 80 bucks and pocket the rest of the deposit.

I dont know what bothers me more though…. the 250.00 he owes me or the fact that I did trust him to be a good and honest person. When I talked to him I kept repeating to him “I thought you were a good man” over and over. Why in hell when it always come to money people change? I have never fought over money, its either I have it or I dont and it did hurt me that he did this or I wouldn’t be so frustrated now. Anyway thanks for letting me vent, but any thought would help too.

diana said 8 years, 1 month ago:

Forget about saying he is a good man , you need to confront him face to face and tell him if he doesn’t give you the money you will call the cops or something. Been nice won’t get you anywhere with men like this

rinseandrep said 8 years, 1 month ago:

If he is actually stealing your deposit, maybe he never changed, he just hid well his attitude, and now that you are gone he can worry less about what you think.

Sadly one has always to worry about going the extra mile to prevent being exploited, rather than trusting others, in professional relationships.