Deleted User said 5 years, 11 months ago:

Here the deal I’m 19 I ended up in a mental ward because I went abit pissed off at my family so I stormed off I kept smashing up a street and then too police officers came and sectioned me under the mental health act I was in there for 3 months then after that I was straight out and I was housed under a young persons project (hostel) oh I forgot to say I was kicked out of family home.

I was in a hostel I thought the worst to be honest but instead I absolutely fucking loved it! It was like a warm family if I’m honest and I met a nice girl who I loved and protected well in the hostel,at this point where I had a mental brake down I wasn’t talking to anyone else I didn’t care for anyone to be perfectly honest I didn’t care about my family,past friends,or myself,i knew this girl was very vulnerable ,she even got herself in bad situations I’ve fucked up people for her and been fucked up because of her,I financially took her under my wing to you wanna know why? She was dependant on me and this girl was fucking vulnerable so I made the place literally a playground for her and I mean a rough as fuck area because I have heart for her then
And no I wasn’t trying to shag her because she was lesbian(and not my type either) can’t say she wasn’t trying it on tho ey) ;) and then I got news Ben there’s a flat available for you I was over the moon!
New flat new start in life I was gona get myself on a training course and everything!

Then when I told her (Joanne) she was not happy she was devastated! Infact she broke down in tears she said that she sick and tired of everyone always leaving her she can’t believe I’m going ect,
She didn’t speak to me since the day I moved and a couple of week on from now.

Reality sank in before I knew it my mind was settled I became very irritable,I couldn’t sleep at night,I became very depressed and alone! I didn’t want to leave my bed my bad thoughts grief me! Now I don’t know how to ask for help I’m really alone to the point of I don’t even know how to ask for help advice please for me &for her why are we distant???? How can I feel better about myself?

FullmoonDarkstar said 5 years, 11 months ago:

Hi ~_~

You have gone through a lot. Life is a bisexual bitch that screws everyone with no mercy. Although, the secret is to face her bitchiness and say “Whatever you do to me, doesn’t break me, it fixes me.” Life made you who you are, you are original and unique. A perfect singularity. I hope you esteem yourself, because you should. The real fighters aren’t those who win some battles, they are those who carry on battling even if everything seems that is against them. I tough life makes you tough too. That’s enough to face even more of her bitchiness.

I’ll start with the girl. She has gone through a lot herself, I can tell. But she crosses the wrong path, that’s her fight. No one can fight for her, you can only help her stand back on her feet but you can’t face her problems for her. She has to do it by herself, whether she has support or not. You can be there for her but you shouldn’t let her be depended on you. If something happens and you can’t help her, she’ll break down. She’ll start thinking negatively, she’ll start exaggerating over life. You know her, so you can make her understand that.

As for you, (something that you should tell Joanne as well), don’t let your feelings lead your way of thinking. Usually, the answer to our problems is obvious, but our mind is so clouded with unnecessary thoughts that we can’t see them. We complicate things even more and we manage to trap ourselves into a foggy labyrinth which gate is right in front of us but we walk to the opposite path, instead. You said you want to start a new life. You do great not thinking of every past experience, whatever happened it happened. You can’t change your past, but you can change your future. Stick on that. Do whatever is good for you, don’t let anyone take what you deserve away from you. Believe in yourself. Be positive, be confident. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.

That’s all I can say for now. I hope it helped you a little. :) If you want to, you can talk to me whenever you need it. I’ll try my best to help. And don’t worry, I don’t judge people.

Good luck life-fighter,