Viskronika said 7 years, 1 month ago:

Regular people seem so calloused and cold from where i currently am stranded [on HSP island] -I feel like soft dough – incredibly malleable -I’m deeply affected by everything nothing has no affect on me. I’d cry basically if you said anything to me, it makes me feel pathetic and annoying

it doesn’t help that people are constantly mistreating me by pretending to be my friend then stabbing me in the back whenever they don’t need me anymore, I’ve been used for money a lot of times and sometimes just when people are bored they just talk to me to play with my emotions and lead me on and if they arent doing those they’re flat out ignoring me which I really have to say hurts the most- I’m not even worth a glance up? I feel like a ghost- this is all ‘so’ exhausting as I’m sure other hsp[eople] know, I’m in constant misery i hate being alone and get attached easily but I hate people with a burning passion because of my experiences and I can’t stand being around them- at the exact same time with the same intensity I crave social interactions from them- I’m ‘not’ an introvert, i never have been but you’d never know from my daily activities. i feel cursed – like a toy, my curse makes me keep running back to them but My brain is telling me no they’re awful- my heart is constantly in shambles.

idk if this is relevent I’m no one will respond or even see it but i just have to try, try to reach out. :(

please let me know I’m not a ghost, tell me you can see me, tell me you feel what i feel even sometimes. i can’t live like this

SigmaSuccour said 7 years, 1 month ago:

If you just want someone to type some words to you then… sure. Why not.
//please let me know I’m not a ghost//
You are not a ghost. (though, being a ghost sounds fun!)
//tell me you can see me//
I can see that you exist as you talk like a human being.
//tell me you feel what i feel //
Well… i’m an ambivert and do not crave social interaction, so except that point. I can understand what you are feeling and going through.
//i can’t live like this//
then live someway else. Do everything differently. Think differently, talk differently, interact with people differently. Experiment with life!
Do different actions and witness people reacting differently.
problem solved! easy as that!