Niko said 9 years, 1 month ago:

Ok, so, I’ve helped dozens of people with no issues. But just a few moments ago, I was paired with an individual…a man, who was doing…inappropriate things to himself.

Now, he just wanted to ‘chat’ while he was doing his thing. I have never come across such behavior while on here and flagged him of course.

But have any of you girls come across weird situations listening or venting, male or female?

LoverOfPitBulls101 said 9 years, 1 month ago:

I’ve had a couple weird conversations with a couple of guys while being a listener. One guy was asking me to look at his man parts and tell him if it looked bad or not. I didn’t flag that individual but I kind of disconnected awkwardly.

Helith said 9 years, 1 month ago:

It happens, more often than we just think. It’s the internet after all, but I too have had a few odd experiences.

The one that stands out the most, was a individual who had questions about their cat.

It was hilarious, but I of course gathered myself and replied.

Jess said 9 years ago:

I’ve had the odd troll every now and then, but nothing really weird.

I have however had a fantastic conversation go unfortunately sour. I was chatting to a man who had cheated on his wife because of martial issues. As I said, we had a really good conversation. We talked about why he did it, how he felt, if he should tell his wife, etc etc.

Just when I thought it was over and he thanked me, he asked me if he could tell me something without me getting angry at him. I told him he could say what he wants, he then said that he was “excited” that he was talking to a 17 year old girl. I told him it was inappropriate and he apologized politely and there was no harm done, really. It was all very civil.

It just kind of blew me away that we talked for around two hours about trying to solve marital issues and cheating, and then he tells me that with, I assume, a hope it would develop into a “exciting” situation. Ha.

Mary said 9 years ago:

@LoverOfPitBulls101 strange, I had the same person go on different alias’s offering to show his man parts on several occasions, even to this day.. It sucks that there are people out there doing that but before I usually end up disconnecting, I’d tell them that they were on the wrong site and to go somewhere where people are actually interested in doing so, or to not do it at all seeing that there are younger users here. It’s just revolting

twimble1 said 9 years ago:

I have come across him as well and was very put off by him! I flagged him as well, but hopefully he mellows out a bit or finds a new outlet for that.

Nettle said 9 years ago:

A guy started off his conversation with “i’m a nice mentally ill man and i’m abused” before I even had a chance to say hi and it immediately sent off warning signals for me. It felt like a prank and if it was true, he needs to get real help, not talking to a stranger on the internet. I told him I couldn’t help.

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

As a listener, some venters take the listeners for what they’re not. Especially when the listener is a foreigner……….

(no comment)

Tina said 9 years ago:

I just joined this site yesterday and the second or third person I was a listener for started telling me about how his gf gave him a handjob while her mom was sitting on the couch right next to them. And then asked if I had a bf after telling me he was hard just talking about it but that his gf was asleep so he couldn’t “take care of it”. I immediately disconnected. :/

rinseandrep said 9 years ago:

Next time report him, do it for the next listener.

Julieth said 9 years ago:

I’ve been here only for two days and I already came across with about 4 people while being a listener that wanted to kill themselves or harm themselves, I always try to help and talk to them, calm them down a bit, but when the conversation gets more serious or emotional they disconnected, its the worst feeling ever, I worry a lot, and I haven’t been able to sleep very well, well also I have my own problems, but have you come across something like this? What are you supposed to do? I don’t want people to die :(

Lauren Martin said 9 years ago:

i am usually a venter as i have been dealing with a lot of stuff recently but felt like i needed to return the favour now that im in a bit more of a stable place and my first venter said she was les and i said i had recently gone les too and she wanted me to prove it by saying something sexy to her and getting her turned on… :s

Emma said 9 years ago:

I had a person who asked me to read a letter they wrote complaining about how their doctor handled their surgery and tell them what it’s strong points and weak points were. It sounded like I was editing a medical school assignment or something!

Strawberry said 9 years ago:

I was listening for this one guy who told me about how he accidentally ran over his mother’s cat and he put the body in his trunk only to have his mother open it. He went on to tell me he somehow found himself eating the cat intestines and stuff and how he was addicted now and that he had killed cats to eat them raw. I disconnected.

Superfly said 9 years ago:

lol, you find idiots everywhere. Ignore him