Lucipherous said 9 years, 6 months ago:

i’m looking for someone who can help keep me on the right path. i’m seeking enlightenment and spiritual awareness through meditation and crystal healing.
if you have been doing the same and you think you could help me out, teach me a few things, or just offer support, please please PLEASE send me a message.
also, if you know anything about tarot cards, the zodiac, auras, or anything else of the sort, that’d be wonderful. [:

~love and light.

Deleted User said 9 years, 6 months ago:

Please give up on crystal healing, tarot cards and “the zodiac”. They are simply tricks of mind. And it’s a waste of time and money. You can achieve the same type of “enlightenment” by lazing and relaxing with friends.

If you seek spiritual enlightenment there is most likely some places at your nearest city that can be of help. Not only that, but getting to know the people that “work” with it in person, is much more effective as it will strengthen your resolve and give you better insight :-)

Court21 said 9 years, 6 months ago:

I believe in enlightenment and spiritual healing. I have started following a path of spirituality instead of religion recently. This path has been rather helpful for me. Mine isn’t based through tarot cards and crystal healings though, mine is nature based. Eventually it will evolve into more possibly. I can offer support, but not too much more at this point. :)

Deleted User said 9 years, 6 months ago:

I suck at meditation but I know a hell of a lot about spirits, angels, heaven, God, past lives, astral projection, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. all from personal experience.

Court21 said 9 years, 6 months ago:

So, the question is what form of spirituality are going for, is it associated with any specific, or loosely related to any belief system? That would help ensure understanding.

Penny said 9 years, 6 months ago:

I use tarot cards. I use them to help organise my thoughts and think through things that bother me. I think of a problem that’s playing on my mind and draw 3 cards: the build up, the current state, and a possible outcome. They help me rationalise more clearly when I’m too worked up and feeling negative. I find it reassuring and helpful.

Drakko said 9 years, 5 months ago:

(I worked hard on this…)

I’m 16 and my family has always been into the power of crystal healing, as well as the positive effects of other stones and healing, spiritual enlighten through meditation and praying.

We are conscious, soul, spirit, and we all part of a higher power, call it God or whatever you like. We are bigger than the life happening around us, and I’m so happy to see you’re interested in growing spiritually.

I highly recommend you watch these videos by a very enlightened man named “Bob Mangroo” who talks a lot about improving your spiritual vibration, the meaing of life, spiritual awakening, etc.
Increasing spiritual vibration:
Your soul and purpose:

Let me explain, in this dimension everything vibrates at different frequencies, take and ice cube for example, it vibrates very slowly. Heat it up, and it starts to melt and vibrate very rapidly.

As humans we also vibrate, and we can sense negative and positive vibrations. If you have ever been around someone who is sad, you may start to feel sad. That is because you are picking up their negative vibrations. Same with your around someone very happy and excited, like when you walk into a warm room you feel warm, same as when you walk into a place full of excitement you feel excited.

I just discovered amazing meditation called “aural” and “binaural” beats, which vibrate at certain frequencies to trigger different effects in to your mind, body, and spirit. Some of which used to open your “third eye” and line up your chakras. Opening your third eye is an excellent way to achieve high spiritual enlightenment and growth.
I suggest on youtube you listen to anything that spikes your interest you by AudioEntrainment•
I suggest this to start with: Chakra activation and healing:

Lining your Chakra’s are very important to ground yourself spiritually, each chakra is connected to something specific, there are 7 chakra’s,
-your root, which is pretty much on your bum, that is connect to who you are.
-Your next one is around your bladder, it’s called your sacral, it is connected to your feelings.
-Next is your solar plexus, its connected to what you do and its right in the center of your body.
-Above it in the center of your chest is your heart chakra, and it is connected to love of course 
-Right in the center of your throat is called the throat chakra, is connected to what you say
-Next is your “third eye” chakra or the pineal gland, which is between your two eyes on your forehead, it is connected to your psychic, spiritual awareness, or in other words spiritual “sight” that is why is called you’re third “eye”
-and hovering above your head is the crown chakra, which is connected to your “higher power” which whatever is it that you believe in that you are connected to and a part of.
This picture is of your chakra’s it may help you understand:

Grounding yourself is when you being connected to the earth, your body, your spirit, and your mind. IF you are not grounded you may feel very anxious, depressed, and flamboyant. Do you ever feel like you’re “flying off the handle” or that you are “out of control”? you may not be grounded.

An EXTREMELY potent meditation which I VERY HIGHLY suggest is opening your third eye (which is the chakra in the center of your forehead, but I suggest ling) , this meditation will relax you and awake you spiritually, but it is recommended that you line all your chakra’s before you attempt this meditation.
I found when I did this meditation I could see clearer than I ever had in my life, I was aware of my identity, the world around me, the purpose of life, my spiritually, etc etc
Third eye activation:

I suggest meditation every day, it will relax you, enlighten you, and heightened your vibration.

Now, moving on to the power of tarot cards, the power of crystal and rock healing, candles, incenses, and essential oils  Using rocks is excellent for healing because they are connected to the Earth element, and the earth element is connected to body&material. Incense is good during meditation and achieveing spiritual enlightment because incese is the air element, which is connected to to mind. Candles are the fire element, which is connected to will, passion, and creativity. And a bowl of water is the water element (of course) which is connected with emotions.

Burning certain colored candles has different vibrations.
Pink- friendship
Orange- courage
Green- money

I suggest trying burning a certain incense that matches the vibration you are trying to achieve while meditation, here are the effects of different incense:
Frankincense- power and being closer to your “higher power”

Now only ROCK HEALING!!!! Different rocks have different vibrations/benefits:
Agate-improves energy
Amber-encourages good fortune
Amethyst- improves sense of your true beauty
Bloodstone-relieves depression
Garnet-encourages friendship
Jade- attracts wealth
Jasper- protects against nightmares
Lapis lazuli- relieves trauma
Malachite- increases sense of health
Moonstone- attracts friendship emotional health
Obsidian (black)-releases old negative feelings
Obsidian (green)-protects from difficult people
Pearl- releases anger
Turquoise- protects against negative actions
Tourmaline-wins friends

I know all this information because I have read many books, took notes, and read a lot about spiritual awakening online.. ^^
If you have any questions don’t be shy to contact me!!