Steve J said 2 years ago:

There was this girl in drama class in college. We spent time together going to friends places, etc. She cut my hair once. Standing behind me her boob was touching my head – she felt it, right? I sure did. It didn’t really end well, but I was in deep – infatuated.

nivi. said 2 years ago:

Boobs have a hypnotic quality about them.

Steve J said 2 years ago:

They do, don’t they? They hyp-no-tized me that day. the funny thing was she was only using me to keep other guys away. the most we did was hold hands – well, that and a boob graze. I was a social retard.

laylab95 said 2 years ago:

There was this guy once and l watch a cartoon once.. I think max and ruby and they said if you like someone, throw rocks at them. I did the next day at the playground. I ended up getting suspended for 1 day. This was 1st grade.