Why people always try to be good when they are not?


Well where to begin, I m not even going to talk about my messed up life, it’s all about something that just added to it recently. Here on blah, I started chatting with someone through messages and actually not chatting I only was venting no other thing like how are you and all but I always act nice to that person and I asked that person after first chat, the person replied yes he/she will listen to me whenever I want, I can always text him/her. So after texting like two days she/he kinda stopped replying, I thought there must be something making him/her busy. Today I opened blah without loging in and I saw his/her name in recent activity, I logged in and then it vanished, then I realized that actually that person blocked me. Well don’t hate that person, I know other’s problem are boring, but if you can’t help then why try to give there hopes up, I wish that person come to know that all the person did was making it more worse for me, I hate this world and I hate the idea of this site, actually the basic idea is great but either the people are not like what the creator thought or I m not worth cause well there might be a lot of reasons for me being not worth but I just had enough with all venting thing. I m done with everything and everything includes life, I m not gonna suicide i m not a weakling but strong people also get hurt and angry, I wish someday if I achieve something good, I get a chance with that person face to face…

asked March 26, 2015

3 Answers

That must have been painful for you, I'm sorry. Sumer is right, but I still think that person should have at least sent you a message explaining what happened. If you're willing to listen to someone, you have a responsibility to fulfill. You don't need to listen to someone's problems, but once you accept it and someone opens up to you, you at least owe it to them to reply back. Even if it means saying that this is too much for you and you need to leave. Unfortunately strangers are unreliable, you don't know who you're talking to on the other end. Users who are more active or were here for longer are usually less likely do to that to you though.
Putting your problems on others is a burden to them. If you want someone dependable that you can talk to, get a psychologist. The people on here are not professionals, and no matter how many promises they make to you, they can drop you; and some will. Sometimes venting to others can cause them to be triggered or feel like your problems are part of them also. You didn't seem very close with this person, either. Keep others feeling and well being in mind when you look for a "venting buddy" and understand that they aren't obligated to listen to you; or get professional help.

I know I probably sound harsh, but a lot of people on here need to realize this.
hey,whatever you are going through in life keep strong and you will make it through,i have a lot of issues in my life as well,and i have literally no one to vent to,no one who understands me.that is ok.you are made to be strong,you also should realize you cant depend on others to be there for you.it sounds like the person you were dealing with was coming from a good place,but it is not their job to be there for you.and that is okay dont beat yourself up about that.keep faith if you believe in it.stand 10 toes down and be strong.you came to far to give up now.