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Why is it hard to care about someone?


There are a select few that I cannot imagine life without. But that number is a single digit that I can count with just two fingers. When I was little, I would get upset when my friends were, and I remember, being worried to tears for my friend, and doing everything I could for them. Now? Not so much. Is that normal? It bothers me, a little, when someone is upset, and most of the time I end up feeling guilty for not caring more, but I just can’t find it within myself to give a damn, you know? Most of the time when my friends rant to me about their lives I’m busy thinking about my own feelings, my life, my own problems. (Sometimes what I feel and think is overwhelming, and I want to stop but I can’t help it.) Asking them how they feel — it’s almost obligatory. I’ll feel bad if I don’t. I mean, of course I want them to be happy, I want everyone to be happy, but to care so deeply that I would give anything for them? I can’t do that. I can’t imagine taking a bullet for anyone, or sacrificing anything for them (safe for the small group I know for sure I wholly and utterly love). But I don’t want to be that kind of person, I don’t want to be selfish, I want to care for other people, to willingly wish I could take their pain away so they’d be happy. These days I seem to get more annoyed than anything, and if I am to be honest, that scares me. I want to care, but I don’t think I do. There are people who have been there for me, who I think, to some extent, care about me, but I can’t reciprocate that fully. Why is it so hard? Is there something wrong with me? How do I go about to genuinely care about someone other than myself?

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first let me tell you the truth . You can't fully care about others than yourself . i fully agree that, it is a very good deed to care about others and help them through the ups and downs in life . if i were able to do it i would do it everytime. But taking care of others too much are mental exhaust . Sometimes the people you care don't even care about you . when that happen , you might feel bad for not taking care of yourself and it surely let you down.But take it simple , if you want to be kind to others do it genuinely , do it honestly , don't force yourself to take care others and make yourself feel bad because you actually don't want to take care others. if you do it honestly and genuinely , you will feel happier because you're happy to be able to help them , happy to see them being happy and importantly you're happy because you do it wholeheartedly.you must know that the most important thing in life is you. so don't ever make yourself being burdened because you cannot take care of others and help others more .i don't think that you're wrong to think about yourself ,because everyone knows that none else will care about you as much as yourself. so do good for others honestly , if you feel you don't give others enough , do more . As long as it is good for you and others .Give your best. yet still Remember, you need to take care of yourself .maybe this quote could help you "everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about , be kind always "- plato have a good day :)
First of all there is nothing selfish in thinking about your problems before others. And you already said there are few for whom you would take a bullet for, people who really really mean something to you. So i don't think you really have that problem with you. Nobody takes bullets for everyone, ya you expect everyone to be happy but that doesn't make you the only person who is responsible for it.