Why does nobody love me?


My parents are no difference. They just got separated and my mom is still depressed and doesn’t want to help with my personal problems. I don’t have any friends anymore. Some of them are just busy with their lives but most of them ditched me and unfriended me from facebook and unfollowed me from twitter and instagram. Most of my classmates and people from my school hate me for no reasons, even some of my teachers. No one ever approaches me or talks to me. I used to have acquaintances but they stop approaching me and start to snobbing me at all time. Because of this, I’ve stopped to love and care for myself. I just want to disappear or get missing. I keep trying my best being clean, nice, respectful and all those good things but they don’t help.

Category: asked December 16, 2014

1 Answer

i'm sorry you feel so alone, your parents might have some heartache or be busy b/c of the divorce but i promise you they care for you. I know this is harsh but sometimes friends move on without you that doesn't mean that you're a bad person it's just life. You said people are snubbing you, don't answer this right away but think about it for a second are you ignoring them right back? To make friends you have to 1> be friendly and 2. be approachable. people don't make friends with the kid hanging out silently in the corner. It just doesn't happen, but if you say something nice to someone, chances are they will say something back to you and bam, you have a conversation. Just start there, good luck :)