Why does my ex talk to me everyday? Is he using me?


I broke up with him 5 months ago & we dated for a year. After 5 months of no talking to each other, I found myself happier, more confident and able to live without him. I still care so much but I don t see myself going back out with him. I don t know how he felt but Im 100 % sure he did not feel the same & I know he was angry about it. I decided to allow him back into my life after cutting ties randomly and rudely. I still have a soft spot for him and I regretted the way I broke up w/ him. I was so immature. But anyways, I allowed him to text me after randomly bumping into each other in public. He told me he s still interested but a part of me feels like he s only talking to me to occupy his time, or he s lonely. I haven t seen effort on his part much that shows he really wants to be with me besides texting me good morning, kiss emojis and complementing me etc. I deff think he still has feelings for me but he doesn t make an effort to show that he wants to be with me like visiting me. He was suppose to visit me the other day but i told him he doesn t have to if he doesn t want to because it was cold out and he had to walk to come see me, he got mad for a sec and actually didn t show up. I was kinda dissapointed. I shouldn t care b/c i don t really want to date him again, but if he can drastically prove to me and win me over which would take a lot then maybe I can reconsider.
Do you think he’s using me?

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3 Answers

Because you reply to him.
I don't know if he's using you, but you do have a lot of expectations for him, so I think a equally good question is, are you using him? What do you want from this "friendship"? Is this the best way for you to use your time to get what you feel you need, or should other people/things be a better investment?
I don't know if he's using you either. But it sounds like he's looking for a way back into your life. If it's true what you said about being happier and confident without him and not wanting to get back together with him, then make that clear. Tell him and friendzone him, or distance yourself from him. (depending on whether you want him in your life as a friend or not at all) Let me know if you need anything <3
i think he would be using you only if he likes tries to make someone jealous or something of that sort, now its pretty unsure what exactly he wants or even plans to do