Why do people lie


okay, sorry for making this long but yeh. So in year 7 i wanted to make new friends cause i just moved and all, i made friends with the wrong people. Erin, Hannah and Danika. I wanted to fit in so much and i wanted to be a good friend and all. So later on in the year i got quite close to all 3 of them but they kept skipping class and breaking the rules, i thought they were really bad but everyone already made their friend ‘groups’ so i had to work hard to sick with them or i will have had no friends. long story short (not really aha) they started to bully me and cyberbully me and all that. They made me feel so bad about myself that i cut my hair. they bullied me about it and well later on Danika sad that it was all Erins idea and hannah really never did anything but she just stood aside and did nothing to help almost. Ten i said i would never harm myself or i would never turn depressed or whatever but i always kind of doubted it a bit. next year Erin and Danika moved to different schools and Hannah still goes to my school. well now i’m in yr9 and i am friends with a girl i never thought i would be friends, Jax with and her best friend is friends with Hannah and they all are friends, good friends and i have joined in for a bit. So Jax invited me to her party and it was amazing but i met a guy called jack, now he talks to Jaxs old friend Dom but they still friends now. Jack is now dating Hannah and everyone just randomly brought up the fact that Hannah said i was ‘scared of her’ and then everyone was asking me and i said my situation a bit with me and Hannah and they asked Hannah and she said she never knew me in yr7 and i am lying and everyone thinks i’m lying and i am the victim but i think everyone knows about it and now everyones saying they don’t know about any of this and it’s just so hard (sorry if this is all too confusing) and its really difficult and they don’t know that them 3 are the reason for how i think of the world today. (this is actually really hard for me to just let people know about me anonymously and all) Hannah, Jax, Erin, Danika probably don’t know i cut my wrists but i’m starting to get over it now and thats good, right?. I don’t think i’m holding a grudge.

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Hi @PolarBear, It's difficult when you have people around you like this. They lie to make themselves look better. I know cutting helps you feel better, it relieves stress, but what it comes down to is exactly what you said: they are bullies. They are very insecure in themselves so they need to make others feel bad about themselves. There are people on here willing to listen to you, so when you feel depression come on, or the urge to cut, msg me or @cleck. That is a healthier way to deal with things.
Hi PolarBear, Yes its good you are getting over it and I don't think you are holding a grudge. I know for a fact that no matter were you go in this world there will always be people who lie to others to gain power and control over certain situations. Now why they do that is always going to be up in the air. In the end it makes it hard to trust anyone and feel like you can be friends with them. To me it sounds like they were also lying so that they could make it look like they never talked to you or something along that line. Very strange situation for sure. My suggestion is move on from them and ignore them. If you need to talk to someone just drop me a msg. :)
Never cut your wrist again. You're just making yourself vulnerable to the people around you and they'll think that they have that effect on you. It's like you're giving them the evidence that you're weak and depressed with those scars on your wrist. People wont pity you and they wont give you the time even if they are the reason why. If you're angry and depressed again do not self mutilate, just do something productive like maybe, study? top your class. who cares what your fake friends think. You came to school to learn, not to be a social butterfly. Grades matter in the long run.
Love yourself and forget about them. Don't hurt yourself because other people make bad decisions. You're punishing your body because of someone else's bad choices. They aren't good in your life, so make friends that will love and support you.