Why are people able to dislike a persons response?


I can go on and on about this topic/question I have. It is unfair and unnecessary. It hurts peoples feeling including mine.

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Some responses come across as rude and unhelpful which can, in turn, discourage people from openly participating in the forums or take away from the purpose of the site. But I agree with you, sometimes it can be hurtful or unnecessary.
Sometimes it is unnecessary, I agree, and I generally don't vote an answer down, even if I disagree with it.

However, sometimes the answers that people give are rude and unhelpful and sometimes they encourage the person to deal with a problem in a way that is likely to cause them harm. People sometimes give bad advice. I have seen these sorts of answers pop up every once in a while. It's more common here than it should be. Other times people spam the boards or use the Q&A forum for things that this site is not intended to be used.

But I agree with you to an extent. People who are genuinely trying to help and giving the best advice they can shouldn't be voted down simply because someone else is of a different opinion, because a suggestion voted down can end up being the most helpful one but there are people here who are rude and hurtful to the people asking for help and making light of their problems and I think we should have the ability to vote those kinds of responses down to show that it's in bad taste or bad advice. The privilege should not be abused, but should also not be taken away.
Hello there, and thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

Opinions are encouraged here on BT, but just because someone has an opinion, it does not make it helpful. Bad advice is bad advice, and should be discouraged. Just because someone downvoted you and it made you feel bad, it is no reason to suspend the ability to upvote good advice and downvote the bad.

Never forget that you matter, and you are not alone.
I agree this place is suppose to be positive but you lose points for adding a lot of people because it's not a "popularity contest". I suggest contacting the site and let them know of this!I understand it's for rude comments and what not but we should report them. not just dislike them
Thank you all for your responses. I wasn't meaning it in the way of such. I was meaning that I gave advice, yes some may not like it, but i was giving and experience and how i got through it. And many did not agree on what I had to say and I completely understand. But I feel as if someones answer is harsh then I understand a disliking, but I don't agree with what I got in return for trying my best to help. Thanks again :)