Who To Choose?!?


I’m struggling between two guys, they’re both bestfriends and I like them both. I have a pros and cons list but they’re pretty even. They both have showed interest in me and I really need to make a choice. Thank you!

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I actually agree with Sarah, but I'll explain in more detail why

For one .. You can't really have two best friends .. You can have two guys that are in your best "pile" of friends. But really technically you can't have two best anything ..

That being said. There's a difference between these two .. And frankly, NONE OF US can tell you what these differences are unless I flew out there and had a conversation with each.

I'm not doing that. Not tonight. Way too much work

None of us are .. But I can tell you who IS there. That's you

You've talked to them
You've experienced them
Laughed with them

However, if with that information you can't decide. It's really not worth it.

Love is not finding the best person to choose
Love is finding the person you can't deny choosing.

Also, you don't "need" to date one. No one's pointing a gun at your head and telling you to get a boyfriend. So don't listen to their pressure, or social pressure, or your own personal pressure.

If you want to date because you just want to have some fun. Date both. Start with one, break up with him, then date the other. Because if it's so hard for you to decide, yet you still want a relationship with people you can't really decide on. Then just sample them.

If they want you that much, they'll feel it was better that you dated them at all and gave them the chance, then denying them both.

But .. If you care about Love .. Wait.

PS. Or Threesome.
I would choose the guy you fell for second or neither and move on!!
Well, I've been where you are, darling. To be honest I would suggest that you take your time to choose; also to finally find out if its worth to pick either of your best friends, as if they are not mature enough, you could ruin a friendship with the one that you do not choose; I hope that you do not take my words of advise wrong, or that I get you in more issues but is another fact that you have to consider. Take your time, don't be in a rush to be in a relationship because sometimes you can find many guys interested but not many great friends. XO

Otherwise, I don't know what you expect us to tell you. We don't know them, we don't know who'd be best for you. It's a decision you have to make.
you haven't said much here. basically you've described the difference between turning right or turning left. It's good you dont want to try to date them both, but make a choice that's what life is about.
choose that one. because i don't like how you described the other guy
None!!! If you have to decide then neither! When you fall in love and find someone amazing all you will see is that person.....i say friendzone them both ;) hahahah
Well, personally.. if you can't decide on one over the other, have a threesome and move on, put them both on a 'roster' if you find yourself sexually... pent up?Otherwise, don't bother. It could cause friction in the friendship group or cause more drama than it's actually worth. You don't need to date someone, nor do you need to be romantically involved with someone to be sexually involved. It simply boils down to: What do you actually, deeply want?
I think it's not conscious to start a relationship with a friend. A friendship and a relationship are two different kinds of contact. A friendship is not something that comes before a relationship, these are totally different. Basically, if you want one of those guys, you have to take the friendship down to zero and start building up a relationship. And on the other hand, if you start a relationship with a friend, but the relationship would break someday, you'll never have him as a friend again. A relationship screws the friendship. Moreover, the other boy could get jealous and leave your friendzone. So I'd advice you to keep them as friends and look for an 'extern' guy to date with.