Who do I go with to Formal?


So I got invited to a formal on April 18th, and I didn’t thing that I’d be able to find a date so I just asked one of my girl-friends, and she said sure. She was my lab partner for science and we talk a bit. But then this guy who was my first friend in this town, made sure that I made friends, and got rid of my Social Anxiety asked me if I’d go with him, but I told him that’ I’d agreed to with a friend. I only talk to the girl at school, but I talk to the guy every day and we hang out almost every night. I know that I’ll have fun with either of them, but i feel like Ill have more fun with the guy because I know him better and am more comfortable around him. I want to go with him, but I don’t want to ditch her. But a little while ago, the guy brought me to a party that I wasn’t invited to so that I could make friends and become more social (I didn’t tell him about the social anxiety, nor do I plan to), and I made a lot of friend. So I owe him for the social anxiety and my friends. Without him I’d still be sitting in a corner alone and refuse to talk to anyone. But then She wasn’t Actually invited, she was just my plus one. Who should I go with? Sorry about how Lon this is

Edit: sorry, I probably should’ve said that it isn’t a formal dance for school, it’s a formal dance being held my one of my friends. So there were only about 6 people and their plus ones invited, and I can’t bring then as a group. And the girl always bails last minute, but when I told him that he said no to the other girl who’d asked him. He actually asked me again, but instead he said “if ******* can’t go, wanna go with me?” So I think that that’ll work. Thanks for the answers! I was already telling people that I’d go with her, but they kept telling me to go with him. I just wanted an unbiased opinion :)

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Well, you could take both of them if you don't see it as an actual "date"...I never usually have a date to the dances so usually I just take all of my friends and we go as a group.
If you already asked the first person, then go with her. That's being a good friend. Let the guy know and maybe y'all could go as a group or double date, so you can still see him.
Go with the girl, plus it is etiquette to go with the first person, so there's two reasons to ask her.
You should go with the girl. It's the nice thing to do. I don't know if this is possible but from what you said, if he already asked you then that means he has an invite so he can go to the dance and you can go with the girl! And if he doesn't, he seems to have connections so i'm sure he can find someone who's going to be their plus one. If not, it's fine. You'll have more opportunities. No worries. x