When can you tell when things are over in a marriage?


Me and my husband has been having ups and downs and now when he tries to touch I feel disgusted he never cheated or anything like that but I want to feel how things use to be I don’t know I need help

Category: asked June 16, 2019

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hello , well you know that every married couples have ups and down , but with the trust and love , everything could be fixed , so u said ur husbund has never cheated on u so if u have problems with him the best way to solve them is u have to communicate with him and don't try to let things accumulate , talk to him and if u feel like you are not ready then give yourself time to organize ur thoughts and have a talk with him . I can say that marriage is over when there's no trust , respect , love and no communication . I hope things work out for u .
To me, a marriage- like any other relationship- is only ever "over" when there's some kind of problem that can't be fixed or ignored. Being married, I hope you and your husband have a way to communicate with each other what's bothering you. I'd suggest talking about how you're feeling and trying to find a way to change that in a way both of you are comfortable with. If that fails and you can't shake it off, your relationship with him might not work out and it may be appropriate to separate.
Towards the end of my marriage with my ex husband, I knew things were ending, I could feel it. but like a previously answerer said, I truly believe a marriage is work, a commitment. Love is way more than a feeling. I suggest you talk with your husband, because odds are that he's also feeling some type of way our your current relationship, and if you both want to get to the way things were before you could try some therapy. There was significant cheating on my ex husbands end of our marriage, and we just couldn't get past it, but if there hasn't been any cheating, I think you both might regret throwing in the towel just yet! See if he's willing to try some therapy! Go on dates, do little things for him, or take him to places you use to go. Spice it up and see if he reciprocates! My hopes go out to you and your husband! Have a happy life, my friend! Don't ever give up!
There's a great scene in a movie that encapsulates the answer to a question like the one you're asking... A woman asks her husband when did he start to think things were "over"...He replies, "...When I had one of my terrible nightmares and I didn't wake you up to make me feel better". It may sound corny but I think it conveys that intangible quality that makes a couple a couple....Whether married or committed relationship... Lastly... My "gut" has always been my yardstick. What does that knot in your gut tell you? There's a great book titled "The gift of Fear" that talks about that gut feeling... You know when you know. I hope this helps and doesn't muddy the waters further for you. I empathize with your situation