What’s the quickest, easiest way to hurt yourself without leaving any marks or scars?


At a low point in my life. I’m only 14 1/2 years old. I’m depressed and I’m just sick of life. Words hurt me so much more than physical pain, and I feel like no one but myself understands me, and I know no-one that I can share how I feel with, except for when I’m alone and I close my eyes and imagine that someone is there for me. I feel like I need some…pain in my life. I just do. But I don’t…want any marks or scars.

I’m not suicidal, I just…need this.

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First of all, you should know that physical pain isn't going to make the mental and emotional pain go away. It'll keep it at bay, but you have to face your problems sooner or later. You can't avoid it by self-harming.But as we're being honest here, and sometimes you just need to shut the world out and lose yourself, taking a hot hot shower always works for me. It's a great way to numb yourself to the world, and it has a calming effect. And you're super clean when you're done!! It's what weaned me off my blade.If you ever need to talk about something, you can ask me anything, okay? Even awkward questions haha. I've been there. And I'll be here for you.
What you need to do is pick up a pen, pull up your sleeves and follow these steps...
1. when you feel like you want to cut, take a marker or pen and draw a butterfly wherever you want to self-harm.
2. name the butterfly after a loved one, or someone that really wants you to get better.
3. NO scrubbing the butterfly off.
4. if you cut before the butterfly is gone, it dies. if you don't cut, it lives.
5. another person may draw them on you. these butterflies are extra special. take good care of them.

This seems like such a crazy concept, but it's something that's stopped me before. Trust me, it's not worth it. Try and find something to do that will take your mind off these feelings. Watch a few movies, draw, talk to people. Whatever you enjoy doing that distract you. <3
Trust me. You don't need the pain. Just get out of your head and you'll understand how to feel pain. You feel it when you least expect it. So stop looking for it and finding ways to feel pain, you'll be able to feel it anyway if you just let go and be. That is if pain is really what you're looking for. If you really don't feel like anyone understands you, give blahtherapy a challenge and see for yourself. Post in different forums and in the Q&A section or message someone who's usually active.
Seriously though, calm down and give yourself a break. If words hurt you so much, isn't that pain enough? Try fighting back and see what you get. Try not giving up and see what happens. What makes you think self harm is the only way to feel pain? A simple act of just holding your head up high is so painful to people and you want to feel more pain? I'm sorry dear but you're just looking for it in all the wrong places.
YOU DONT NEED SELF HARM. and good luck with that.
When I was 14 years old, I was depressed too. I cut myself, I starved myself, I did everything what we shouldn't do. And what did I learn from it? Nothing. But I do know that life's easier when you don't have these awful memories. You don't need it, it might be addicting, but you don't need to harm yourself in any way possible. Do you have something that makes you happy? I'm sure you have one thing that makes you really happy. Hold onto that thought, and just try not to do anything. Those names people call you, maybe they call you fat, maybe they just curse at you relentlessly, they hurt enough, don't they? Try fighting back. You have nothing to lose, and it might just boost up your confidence. If you really feel the need to hurt yourself in any possible way, you can always pinch yourself really badly, something I used to do too.
I don't recommend you start taking a self-harm method, once you start it, it can be hard to stop.
Even when using tactics that don't show marks it can develop worse and become hard to control/become out of control, I really do recommend you talk to your parents/careers or a trusted teacher and see a councillor or even just ranting your troubles to someone (even if its online on here) can help give you some relief
Nobody needs pain in their life, you deserve all the happiness in the world and I'm sorry things are very harsh for you :(, Its hard to talk but give it all you got, self-harm is only temporary relief which can become addictive.
Help from professionals may take a long time as its a long process but they are much healthier mentally and physically to you and the relief from it is longer lasting than temporary pain.
If you have started a method already don't panic, try to stop using it if you can and get some professional help ok :)
You don't need to hurt yourself to feel better. You don't have to suffer in order to feel like you're in control of your life. You don't have to torture yourself.

Love yourself. Anything at all that stops you from getting to the thought that it is okay to love yourself is bullshit. No matter what is going wrong in your life, tell someone and get help. Don't try to "suffer in silence" or shoulder the world's burdens. You are not a martyr. You're a young woman who is hurting.

You deserve the same chance at pursuing your happiness as anyone else. Never allow anyone or anything to stifle your will to live happily. Most importantly, never forget that you matter, and you are not alone.

I know a pain you can get yourself into. Try the pain of leaving your comfort zone, and going after the things you want, or to do the things that you have to do but you don't like to do, like chores and schoolwork. Come to like it, and get used to seek it. Unlike any other pain, this gets you somewhere, and you'll never look back at the results and regret it.
I don't think there is any way to hurt yourself with out leaving any scars. If you ever feel like you need to harm yourself: - cry - talk to someone - exercise - scribble on pieces of paper - write down what you're feeling.I've gone through that phase where you need to harm yourself to be better, it's seriously not worth it at the end. You'll end up hating yourself more seeing those scars, etc. Then you'll go back to harming. It's all a big cycle. Please remind yourself the reasons why you should be happy. Good luck & stay strong.
We're not telling you. Everyone in this community is here for you. That's what we are all here for.
i had the same problem as you..i talked to a thearpist and this is what she told me put on where you want to feel pain and leave it there... but you need to talk to someone who can help you. maybe your parents a school teacher something. you dont have to do this
The quickest & easiest way without leaving any marks or scars is by not hurting yourself at all. Trust me, I've gone that direction many times, but don't let the desire of pain take you over. Find something to distract you whether it's listening to music, reading, or writing. Anything, honestly. I'm sure there's plenty of people here who are willing to listen if you ever need to talk. I know I'm willing. Stay strong, okay? I don't know you, but I know that nobody deserves to feel like they need pain in their life.
I think what you need is a boost in confidence. Would you want to cause someone who's hurting more pain??? If your answer is no, then you've answered your own question. Go out and take control of your life and find ways to find your inner talents and gradually gain self esteem. Don't be a big bully to yourself and make yourself feel worse when you're already feeling low.
It is better you try to speak to some one than do physical pain to yourself.
You are worth more than that! please dont do anything to yourself,as many people have done in the past and now wanting help to stop.Its better you dont start in the first place.
Please call some one if there isnt any one at home you can talk to.Even if you call a help line,and chat to them.Call every day if you have to.
Most here have told you not to do this,as they have been through it,they do speak from experiance,please listen to them.Keep contacting us here if you need to .Again! you are worth more than that!
Back last year when I was at my all time low (I was 20 then) I had tried everything to stop myself doing something stupid, and just at tipping point I had found my inspiration. My dad was diagnosed with MS a few years back and never really got to terms with it. However last year I sat in the garden and noticed something, the garden was amazing like it had been revamped. My dad had taken up gardening which is odd if you knew him. I had never seen him happier, and all due to a simple hobby. It's all about keeping your mind busy and giving it space to operate. It might take time to find out what direction to go or what to do (I blog about music and made friends through gaming) If you can get into one simple thing it could save you this pain. I know it seems as if there's no one to talk to, but there will always be someone to listen to you. (Heck I'm here willing to listen to anyone about anything) Don't be afraid to open up, even a little bit, and vent out some of what you're feeling. Hang in there buddy.
they say action speaks louder than words--you know i never heard any action to actually speak.. they produce sound yes but its different from talking, so how does it relates to your problem?--it doesnt actually. but you know life is cruel,harsh,mean but sometimes it can be very simple like for example you won $50 million in lottery it just depends on luck but most importantly on how you see or look at it. buy you know just be humble, always say sorry whether its your fault or not just say sorry, being humble is a wonderful feeling its like the feelings of being above everyone-to put it simple you understand other people but they dont understand you its like being ahead of them being on top of them but without the feeling of being arrogant, its just purity,peace of mind, quiet feeling no negative emotion. so whenever you heard things just ignore them, its not worth it trust me ignore things not important you are above these people but you are not arrogant you are a peaceful kind of person.
All of us have personal problems of varying degrees. I have never cut, so that is something I can not relate to, but many others who have responded here can relate to cutting. What makes blahtherapy such a great site is that there are so many here who can relate to you. Almost no one can come here and not find someone who either has similar issues, or had them in the past. You said that you feel like no one understands you, and that there is no one you can share how you feel with. But you just shared how you felt, and others did understand. Many people come on either having no friends or no one who can understand them at all (they say). But after finding blahtherapy, there is no reason that needs to continue for anyone. Join a group, vent to a listener in a chat room, or reply to one of the other posters on here. You will find others who understand what you are feeling, and you can make a new friend. But whether or not that happens is all up to you. You have got to take that step.
im 14 as well, and look to be entirely honest, u dont need this pain in your life...ik it hurts, ik that your broken and shattered, ik how u feel, ik that u have lost all hope and feel worthless, but harming urself is no escape..... i have scars all over my body, i am not proud of what i have done, but then again it makes me remember how much i have gone through... please dont self harm, its seriously not worth it, you r already going through pain in your life, u dont need another thing to add on to your platter. stay strong please :)
i know that you are expecting just another "well just dont hurt yourself". trust me, this is different. as a slowly recovering self harmer i would just like to say a few things. if your like me, you dont care for the average advise to just not hurt yourself. try your hardest not to. if you must. if you absolutely must, wear a rubber band around your wrist. when you are 100% desperate, snap the rubber band against your outer wrist. DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER THAN THAT. think about why you feel this way. about what caused this. if you are feeling more frustrated than depressed punch a moderately soft object. enough to just barely hurt you knuckles. DO NOT GO FARTHER THAN THAT. if you feel panicked, take a very warm or cold bath and listed to music. just remember that people out there care for you.
1. Rubber bands snapping them against wrist 2.punch thoughts really hard 3. Ruduce your cutting to maybe one square inch 4. Punching something 5. Biting your nails really short 6. Drawing on your self 7. Grind teeth 8. Screaming 9. Singing or something musical 10. Watching netflixTop ten things I do instead of cutting I've only cut once and am tempted but I he these 10 help a little
FIRST OFF PAIN ISN'T THE ANSWER But, a way you cannot hurt yourself that my therapist told me is putting a rubber band on your wrist and snap it. The thing is just do it once. It won't relive your pain. But, just remember you're strong and you can fight through this. I've been there and I know you can do this. Much love.
to all of you suggesting rubber bands, sometimes it just isn't enough