What to do if you’re caught in the middle?


I have these friends, officemates actually, that are older than me. They are very close to each other. They are open to each other’s opinions and they have been through a lot of problems and issues together, be it work-related or even personal ones. For now let’s call them M and H. Friend M has had issues with another co-worker in another department to which she confided to H in a friend-to-friend conversation and not as co-workers. Friend H then used what M has told her. H put it in her organizational report. M felt offended. I know H did bad but H has no other friend. I feel sorry for her. But M is not ready to reconcile with her yet. What are your opinions? What to do?

asked May 13, 2015

4 Answers

Stay the hell out of it! Don't take sides and don't offer them opinions. Simple tell each if it comes up that you are a neutral party and that you like them both and hope that they can work out their issue.
Don't take sides... Let them sort it out themselves
I guess you're all right. I'll just stay out of trouble.
If you want to spend some friendly time with M to do nice things and not discuss how to fix things with H (other than give M all the space they need), that could be one way (although you said she has no other friend, that means you are not her friend?). H needs time and M has to experience the consequences of her actions and learn her lesson, let them sort it out.