What should my next move be ?


Hi guys,

I know this will sound quite cheesy but here I go:
I have been living with a guy for more than a year and I have developped a very strong crush on him now but I don’t think he sees me as anything more than a friend.

Sometimes, he’s acted weird during this year. At some point I really thought he had a crush on me too. He seemed to be getting jealous when I talked to/about other guys, he was touching me in a different way, he was complimenting me much more. All our friends (and actually everyone we were meeting) thought we were a couple or about to be one nd when we said “No”, they all said it was stupid and we should be together.

Then a friend of ours (that we met during a trip and did not see after that) started to talk us into getting into a relationship. She had a talk with him without me knowing about it and she tried to talk him into making a move on me. She also told him that my grandpa was badly ill, which I had not told the guy because I did not want to bother him with my bad news during our vacations (I told the girl only because she was with me when I got the news). He told her he did not want a relationship with me and did not think I wanted one either.

After that, things changed. He got more distant. He also got very upset because I had not told him about my grandpa.

So I wonder if :
1- He actually had feelings before but got scared away by this chick who was trying to make it all go so fast (especially because I think he was not totally over his ex yet)
2- He felt like I was hiding things to him (which I actually know he thinks) and therefore thought a relationship could not work
3- He just never wanted a relationship and then I don’t understand half of our interactions during that period where he got weirdly close

I don’t know what to do as a next move. I don’t want to tell him about my feelings, although I know many people with give me that advice, I just don’t think that he has feelings for me right now (if he ever had any) and I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I just wish I could show him that I want something more, hint it, so he will get these feelings back if he had any or just start seeing me in a different way if not.

By the way, he stil gets pretty upset when I don’t share my problems with him. The other day, he got really upset and he told me he did not want me to treat him like everyone else. But he also said I should not make him the most important person in my life. I just don’t get what he wants.

Thanks for the help :)

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2 Answers

You're thinking to much. Guys are super easy to read. If you're into him...just go for it. Just jump in the shower with him. You'll find out really quick how into you he is.
Just talk to him.