what should i eat before i go to the gym at 3:00?


i finish school at 2:30 and i go to this gym thats near my house at 3:00 so i was wondering, what food should i eat before going to the gym?

i dont eat breakfast before going to school and i dont think im ever gonna do that i simply have no time and im not even hungry when i wake up all i do is get dressed and head out every morning

and we dont have school launch all we can do is buy food at recess and they sell stuff like bisects, apple , bananas and water

so i was wondering what should i eat? is there some food that i should bring with me to school?

Category: asked February 22, 2015

3 Answers

Fruits such as bananas are rich in carbohydrates, they contain sugars and starch that serve as primary sources of energy for your body. Your body converts the carbohydrates from bananas into sugar during the natural digestion process. The sugar then travels to your bloodstream and eventually to your cells to provide energy. This would be a great choice of food before gym.
o btw im 66kg and 176cm and i dont think i need to do cardio that much all i need to do is lift weight right?
Fruits and vegetables are good, just make sure that at some point during the day (probably better after you workout) you have some sort of protein- peanutbutter sandwhiches can be a good option because they don't need to be refrigerated and they can be taken with you to the gym.