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What should I do?So confused.


I used to be close with Friends A,B,C&D,and we were kinda a clique.However one day,the 4 of them wrote a letter to me stating everything they hate about me,80% of which is not even true.I was terribly hurt especially since A who was my best friend,wasn’t laughing and smiling like usual during the period of time b4 the letter was given and I desperately tried my best to cheer her up,only to find out that she ganged up on me with my other close friends.Let’s just say haters gonna hate.However 2 weeks later(why they waited that long who knows)Friend D,who even though I was close with but didn’t really like her,started spreading false rumours about me.At first I didn’t care but slowly it got to me and I am at my breaking point.Furthermore she got angry with me because I messed the group up just because I left when I didn’t do sh*t.(?) If I left how could I have done anything since they all hated me anyways?Friend E,a classmate told me to apologise and make up.But it isn’t that easy.They have already taken my apologies for granted and I’m not that desperate.My class has an odd number of students,with the girls having an extra 1 person so even though I try to find other friends,I feel humiliated when the teacher says to get into pairs and I’m the only one without a pair.Call me childish but I feel extremely hurt and sometimes angry that my “best friend” would gang up on me.Who knew,the one who I was willing to take the bullet for was the one who pulled the trigger.I’m so confused.Did I do the right thing of not apologising?What should I do?

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It sounds like they aren't your real friends if they all suddenly ganged up on you like that instead of just talking to you directly. I would suggest trying to cut them out of your life and find some new friends.
i am just confused as to why people would do that. if it were me i would probably be asking where they got these things they were saying about you. It seem like all they want to do is hurt you, and if they were your real friends they would be doing the exact opposite, and try to help you. They arn't worth your time. if you need to talk you can send me a message. my inbox is open