What I can do with that love?


Well. I am a girl and I really like…no, not like… love, love Eminem. I have every album of him, I have lots of posters, shirts and even pillows. I think about him everyday. My mom says so, my room should become official Eminem’s Museum. I can’t sleep without listening to his songs and when I am waking up, I am rapping or singing with him. Someone can say that I am obsessed, but I am not like those fans who are hmm for example kidnapping their idols et cetera. I have things with him, because I really fancy Marshall and I feel too much to him. He saved me when I had really hard time in my life, his music just made me strong…and now I love him like a person which lives near me or something…but it’s very painful feeling. What I can do to don’t feel that thing…being empty, being sad and being lonely because Marshall is not here and can’t hug me when I want. :<

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It's something natural to happen. You relate so much to him that you can't help but love him. However you have to be logical about it , that's all. As long as you see it as someone who inspires you, it's perfectly ok