what highschool should i graduate from


i need to make a decicion soon on what highschool i should go to for grade 12. if i go to a private school, does it really look that much better on an application to university.

at the private school the pricipal really helps get you into top univerities so thats a pro but i would have no social life if i went there. the course selection at this school is limited. i would only have 2 manditory courses left in grade 12 and no other courses to fill the slots so i would have lots of free periods

at the public school it is semesterized so i have the option to do a semester abroad and then come home to graduate. the public school leaves all university applications up to you… no help at all. the course options for this school are much better. more AP courses and more electives

what looks better on a university application? a private jesuit eduation or a semester abroad with harder and more courses completed and what are my chances of getting in with no help from the school

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2 Answers

If you have a good GPA and have participated in after school activities then you are a good candidate for the majority of colleges, whether you go to a private school or not. If you are trying to get into an Ivy league, then you would want to increase what you do outside of school and also raise your GPA as much as you possibly can. If the private school has more connections in that direction, then you might want to go there.Traveling abroad can look especially good on a college application if you plan on majoring or minoring in a language, art, international relations or law, anthropology, or anything that involves traveling or requires learning about other cultures. Public high school counselors should be available to help you with the application process, and if they aren't you should definitely make a complaint about it or force them to help you because it's their job to help students with their futures, kind of like a college advisor.Personally, I think it's important to have a social life before going off to college, it's good to keep connections with people and to have fun before you graduate. I went to a public high school and I got into all of the colleges I applied to and I'm doing just fine. If the private school costs money and is expensive I wouldn't bother because college is expensive enough. I would also look at all the scholarships that you can use to help you pay for college.It's your decision but either way you will turn out fine so it's nothing to worry about!
I just got done with the college application process and I learned lots. Mainly: colleges want to see you challenge yourself and they want to know that you took challenging courses out of the ones that were offered in your high school. Along with this, they want to see that you've been exposed to different sorts of environments and cultures. Traveling is usually looked at quite positively.But you shouldn't simply choose a high school based on college stuff either. I know college is a big issue, and thats your next step, but remember, not everyone goes to private schools and yet, they manage to get into great universities/colleges too.Its your choice in the end but a lot of people in your class will be going through the same process, so don't worry too much about it. Also, wouldn't your guidance counselor help? Try to enjoy high school and I hope I sort of helped.