What do I do to cope?


I have such a short-temper, but it’s not the kind of temper to where I get violent or abusive in anyway. When someone asks me a question and I answer, and they ask me to repeat myself I get annoyed or when I ask a question and someone doesn’t understand I become easily agitated. Recently I have been taking it out on my boyfriend and I can slowly see that he is not enjoying this phase of mine. I try and be sweet, but then boom, bitch mode activated. He thinks that I’m acting like this just towards him, and I’m losing love for him, but this is how I act towards a lot of my close friends and family. I hate being like this, and I try to just breathe and not let such simple things get to me, but sometimes I can’t. I know this may sound really stupid, but I don’t know how to cope with this… Suggestions, please.

Tags: asked November 30, 2013

1 Answer

A lot of people experience this. Trying to speak with the same vocabulary as him and try and speak a little louder than usual, might settle things for awhile. Also try and explain this to him, when you get the chance, saying that the only reason you get angry is because repeating yourself gets you agitated and frustrated. Tell him it's not his fault it's just a flaw that comes with the package of loving you. I hope this helps a bit.