What do I about him?


well, we were together for 6 months and I know that isn’t long but I thought we’d be together forever. We talked about kids & marriage! Then one morning we were laying in bed and he broke up with me for no reason whatsoever. But then 2 days later, he text me and said he had made a huge mistake and he wanted me back. I’m not sure what to do because a huge part of me wants everything we had back but then another part is extremely scare of getting hurt all over again!

*Notes: It was a long distance relationship. It was close to a two hour drive between us & I don’t have my license so he was the one doing all the driving. Also, he’s 20 & I’m 16.

Category: asked November 16, 2013

4 Answers

Try asking for an explanation as to why he left you in the first place. If the explanation is justified, accept him back. But if you think the reason is shallow, there's a possibility that he would repeat the same act again so you better not trust him anymore.
I agree with the first answer, ask him first and see what he has to say and see if that his answer is reasonable to you. If its not and your still iffy about it say you need a little more time to think, and if you think that he totally worth it and you accept his answer, then give him another shot. But you really have to trust your instincts and what your heart feels about this. If you do accept him back, make sure that you confront him first that what he did was wrong and make him promise you that he will never hurt you like that, because you are scared of getting hurt again.
honestly if he just left you without an explanation that just shows how he might act in the future, if he was hurting you don't you think he might do it again, ask the reason for him just leaving you and if the reason is not good enough then he doesn't deserve someone like you and if the reason is good enough for you then go for it
I would say most likely not go back with him. Although I do agree with the other answers and ask him why he left.