What are some good ways to relieve stress?


I have finals coming up this week, I still have to get my mom a Christmas present but I don’t know what she wants, I have to write a story for English class and it’s due on Monday (It’s an open-topic and I have no idea what to write about), and to top it all off, I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed next month. I already listen to music and my life depends on it, but it’s not enough. What are some other ways I relieve all this stress before I completely break down?

asked December 14, 2013

4 Answers

you can write about how someone takes a walk to relieve stress for your english class, he finds a wallet on the ground, returns it, then finds out that it was his teachers wallet so he got excused from the assignment after a talk, also ask your mom to guess what presents you got her, psychological trick, she will say what she wants, but give her three chances just to make sure you know what she wants then not tell her what you got since you didn't get anything yet, and for your wisdom teeth, well just eat what you want, it doesn't hurt THAT much, it just feels sore afterwards don't worry.
Masturbation, music, writing, drawing, running (or walking), lifting, singing, a hot bath, baking.....
Eat healthy foods, do yoga, stretch your limbs, go Christmas shopping for scarves and tea, doodle, dance to your favorite songs, that kind of stuff. You feel stress in your nervous system, and that affects your behavior and health. Tell your mother that you honestly don't have enough time to get her a present during Christmastime; with all the work she did during her college time and the work she's doing now, she will most likely understand. Hang out with fellow friends, goof off but study when the mood's over.
work out listen to music read a book go on a hike go swimming