vent/listen chat not good anymore ?


I’ve been trying to vent a few times here in the chat and i find it not effective because majority are just looking for someone to hook up in this website. A listener even told me we could have cyber sex. while i was seriously venting my concerns. and majority are just flirting. some girls when they knew i was also a girl they’d disconnect. This isn’t a dating site right?? or is it? it doesnt serve its purpose to those who’s really problematic if they’d end up being choosy to whoever vents.

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Please don't give up, not all of us "Listeners" are creepy cretins who are out to troll, date or hate on "Venters", There as some of us who are genuinely open to listening, and helping where we can and come here as often as possible. As with all things in life, you have to take the wheat with the chaff. I'm happy to have anyone who wishes to vent send me a message, and although disconnections do occasionally happen on the listen/vent feature, I never knowingly disconnect on any genuine venter, so please don't tar all listeners with the same brush, (not that I think you guys would of course :) )
Yes and many even suggest you to kill yourself.
Oooh, so I'm not the only one who's been noticing. I've actually been considering moving to a different website because the quality of the chat just went down. This place used to be the only place in the Web where I can be myself and meet real people, but recently, the Listeners are either suspicious that I'm another troll, or they're trolls themselves.
It isn't a dating site. Just report anyone who's treating it like one. The button at the bottom of the chat box is the Report button. Let's keep this site as good as it used to be. :)
I reccomend venting on a forum post if you want more sophisticated responses. You don't get a reply instantly but at least there is less likely to be a mean person to respond.
Questions like this have been on this site since it started and it's an unfortunate flaw of the site but it doesn't take away all of the great listeners we have on this site who give up their tine free to reach out and help others. Report those users and hopefully they will eventually get the message.
Taking a break from the site too can help you to come back and have a new perspective on it.
This has been happening a lot lately. THey want to know where you're from, what you do, etc. It is quite annoying but there are the occasional listeners, so hang in there. I am too.
I am looking for advice had have been on more then one occion to kill myself. Which makes me think tht I am really worthless piece of