Skittles-Story Of My Special Substance, Taking Over My Mind, Body, Life..


Too many times, goddamnit, i’ve been in another dimension..…………………..48.
In one night. Triple C’s. That’s the most ive ever done in one night. i was trippin for 3 days&nights straight.
Woke up in cold sweats, mind reeling,
The world swayed around me, my body wasn’t mine and my mind,
Was fucken lost to a fog of fear, drugs, and dizziness.
The hallway was like a mile, but I stumbled down with only a step.
Puked without feeling, only hating.
Vile black, blood soaked spit.
Went back, laid down in a spinning bed, and wished I was a little kid again.
So I dropped off to drug inhibited dreams.
Woke up, feeling like shit. Mind reeling.
Nightly routine. For months and months every fucking night, every fucking day. i would do them.

I hated life. I hated me. But i didnt know what i was without them.
They Were Me, And I Was Them.
I was drugs. not human, nothing else.

I Was Nothing, Without Triple C’s.
I didn’t know. I don’t know. I was lost. I am lost. I was confused. I am confused.
So many pathetic excuses for this feeling of emptiness.
Don’t worry pets, just look at the Christmas lights.
It’ll be alright.
“with time, it will pass.”

This ended in September, 2013. I am sober from dxm and have been since September. However my body longs for those little red pills, no matter how terrible the feeling i get when i think of them. Just talking about it, brings me back almost into a trip. My body, My brain, Everything, Rejecting.
I suppose doing a ridiculous amount of DXM, over time, will make your brain literally feel retarded. It made me feel retarded. It made me retarded.

Does Any One On Here Have Experience With DXM And Could Talk With Me?

asked January 15, 2014

4 Answers

you write like poetry!!! wow. well id say that i really think you are strong, im sorry i cant support or help you further i havent done that drug before. but if you ever need to talk im here! you sound so strong im proud for you!
If this is a drug the best thing to do would be to stop taking it and seek PROFESSIONAL help not some website
wow this is some hard stuff i wish i knew what to say exactly im sorry. i hope you feel better!!!!
I've done them once because my friends were doing them and I just wanted to belong. I knew that it wasn't good so I only took a small does, while my friends took a ridiculous amount. They would act crazy, sort of like they were majorly drunk. When I was on them, I still had some state of mind left and got scared for everyone. I figured I'd just sleep it off. But I woke up with a massive migraine. After I came to, I woke up my friends and had a serious discussion about stopping. I had an easier time because I only did them once, but it took my friends a couple of months to actually quit. Once they did, they said they had felt much better about themselves and never did them again.If you need to talk, I'm here