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hello :)
I was wondering why it is so important to have a social security number, what is it. I just started college and every paper I filled out asked for my Ssn and now filling out applications for a job they all want it to. I don’t know it I have it in my piggy bank on a post it why is it so important? thanks :)

Category: asked September 16, 2014

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Be VERY VERY careful who you give this out to, while it is necessary for some things it is not for others and people will still ask for it. An example of this is job applications, it is asked for on the application but it is NOT REQUIRED until after the company hires you, if this number is obtained by the wrong person you will become a victim of identity theft..... at that point it is all but impossible to get that sorted out as the IRS can not even tell you whether or not someone else is using your SSN as, "They cant guarantee who the true holder of the card actually is". If someone wants you SSN ask them if they really really need it, and then ask them what happens with the paper afterwards, who has access to it, how they guarantee that you number isnt going to fall into the hands of a thief, that kind of thing. This number is how the government identifies you... it is also how you will get your social security after you retire... assuming that it is still around. But with just the SSN in hand someone can open bank accounts, take out loans, get credit cards.... it is an important number that many ask for but by law there are only a few who can actually legally ask for it.
The government knows you by that number. Only you own it. So with that number they can find your name, address, phone numbers, spouse, criminal record, current occupation, etc