So much has happened and now I’m trying to be ok


In the last few years so much has happened I got out of an abusive home, I came out, I moved in with my drunk of a granddad, my mom got really sick, I have gotten really sick, my girlfriend started self harming, I stopped being able to eat and on and on. Really that’s the last four years for me. Now I am trying to get off my butt and start doing things again. Its just really hard. I am still very sick and have only been out of the hospital for a month, plus I have night mares every night and seem unable to stop losing weight.

I really have no idea how I am going to get up and have a semi normal life again. It seems as if I have fallen and every time I stand up something happens and I fall over again. I want so badly not to slip back in to my old habits because they where really self destructive, but at the same time I hate being stuck here in this place. I know that in the world we in you have to fight for everything you want and fight to keep everything you have, but I am so tired of fighting. I shouldn’t have to struggle to get my confidence up, just so I can get out of bed.

I know I sound like some dramatic teenager, but really that’s what I am. If you are still willing to help me out you are truly amazing, thank you.

Category: asked December 18, 2014

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If you ever need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open.
Let me just say that I am extremely proud of you for sharing this. You can be okay again. I promise.
In the same pit as you are
I'm glad you've taken the first step to share this and ask for the help you deserve to get your life back on track. Keep going on buddy, things will turn up :) Likewise, my inbox is open for you.
your a stronger person I'm willing to help and support youplease don't give up thermosetting always worthiness fighting for your a strong person and I'm glad you shared i say to start gaining weight again maybe eat a little more and find out whats causing that it could be anxiety,stress,depression, but i think to start gaining weight again is to eat like just eat and I'm sorry about your home life honestly i know we haven't talked much but i wouldn't want the same thing to happen to me to happen to you and honestly i think you should inbox someone just anyone here who's offered because were all willing to support you and I'm sorry your sick but just eat and start talking to the people who make you happy or do something that makes you happy i know you wanna stop fighting but i think you shouldn't stop. if you don't like something change it is what i say to myself so if you hate being sick gtry to get better and eat more then you have to, don't starve yourself, and I'm sorry your granddads abusive and stuff maybe theres something you can do to just stay away from him maybe getting out of the house morethats what i did if someone was bothering me i stayed away from them and i did something else to take my mind off of them and to just be away from them . i know how it feels trust me i went through that but i would hate to see you loose your fight i don't want you to give up.i could probably help you more if you need it then inbox me