So I think I have DID


I took a little test on a site my psychologist reccomended, and it turns out I have a high chance of Dissociative identity disorder, basically multiple personalities. I don’t know what to say to anyone, or how I can take control of these identities in my head, How do I tell anyone without sounding crazy?

Category: asked September 6, 2015

1 Answer

I've been diagnosed with DID. Gotta say it's not always the easy thing to deal with and it causes issues at times but once you get things figured out and have a good psych to work with then it gets better. It's always very interesting, too. There is no way to "control" alters. It would be like saying you want to have control over your friends or your neighbor. They are their own person and will have their own thoughts and feelings. It takes a lot of time and getting to know them for everyone to function together well. There are other things you're going to need to decide but that comes with a proper diagnosis. You should get one of those. An online site is not the best way to go about diagnosing anything. They aren't the most accurate especially for DID. DID has a lot of commonality with other disorders and that's why they often get confused for each other. There are things you can ask yourself that can rule out DID pretty quickly, like childhood abuse. If you didn't go through a lot of that then DID wouldnt be the right diagnosis. Stuff like that. Talk to a psych, tell him or her what you think is wrong, and be honest with them about everything. No matter what you get diagnosed with you're going to need support. Hopefully you'll have that from a friend or family member. And, of course, if you ever want to talk about anything, DID related or not, you can always message me. Good luck!