Slept With Guy 3rd Date?! :(


So long story short I met this guy and i really like him, the first too dates went so well, he’s funny, smart, and can hold a conversation, he takes me on great dates and everything. we went on a date for valentines day it was fun and he got me a cute gift and flowers, but at the end of the night we hooked up. i feel horrible now like i totally messed up my chances of us being something more :( like a relationship.

I’ve never done that with anyone I wasn’t in a relationship with and i feel so bad about it :(

Is it too late? I know I can’t change what we did but can i make it go in the direction i want and not just be a hook up now? :(

Category: asked February 16, 2014

2 Answers

It may not be too late, ask him where you two will go now as theclearmind said. I have two mutual friends who met up and slept together on the first date, they've been together nearly two years and are engaged, sometimes it just happens. You shouldn't feel bad, he was involved too.
Best bet is to ask him! I realize it's a catch-22, but it is too late to change his impression. Not saying you made a bad impression (at all whatsoever, power to your body and choices!), but you both adopted method of giving in to instant gratification. Your mutual attraction may have been inevitable, but a relationship is not. If you were looking for that, it's on you to be up front about it and if that scares him away, you have your answer. Best of luck!