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So im in new school now for almost 6 months. I have made a couple of friends. One of them i spend a lot time with. Shes funny sometimes, but sometimes i feel that she wants to “lift herself higher” than me. She acts like she knows everything, etc. When i ask her something shes like” well thats obvious and your so dumb”. So she uses that word “dumb” idk how many times a day. And not just that. Im not really affended by those words, but i really always get a feeling that shes Tryng to act more sociable, better, more clever and etc. Because it happens every day, i really start to see changes in me. Im more sad than i used to be, especially at the end of the day when i was with her all the time. I find myself giving up faster because i already have a statement in my mind that shes going to win anyways. Im afraid to say my oppinion because i fear of being judged by her. I feel like i still have no friends and my whole life i will spend in my own world. Should i try to talk to her? I actually tried doing that but nothings changing. She goes to karate so sonetimes shes agressive. And Offensive. She gets in a really friendly mood just when she wants me to give her my homework. Idk, she doesnt really have a lot of friends without me, shes not that popular. Right now im just sitting here after another day when i felt anxious. In fact, im still anxious right now. What should i do? THANKS

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I can really relate to you... If i was in this situation then i'll probably be anxious by myself xD but you know, if you want this to stop then you can go talk to her :) if she really is your real friend then she would try to understand you. I know that you don't want to think badly of her because she made you who you are. But you made her who she is, because of you she has friends, so maybe if you try talking to her about this then maybe she would try to change, or if not, if she doesn't really care for you then you need to leave her alone. If she does not even try to realize your feelings then let her be. You have other friends waiting for you there, better ones. Having friends doesn't have a limit. You can even have 1000 friends, but you can't be stuck like this forever, you can find another bestfriend if you want. You can find who's so much better, a better one who you can even talk about everything. Trust me, you can do so much better and you deserve better :) so it's either let go of her, or telling her about it, or sit in your room being anxious. It's your decision dear friend :p do your best! I'm not saying she's a bad person or something, but she shouldn't be acting so "Highly" just because she goes to karate or has alot of friends now. A bestfriend is important more than anything, You experience everything together, Jelousy, Sad times, Bad times, Happy times, that way your bond starts getting bigger. So trust eachother~ Xoxo
I have a friend similar to that. She needs to know EVERYTHING and out do EVERYONE. I feel like she has internal issues, like self-esteem, so to make herself feel better, she acts like she's all that. Sometimes it's best to just let her go. If she's nice to you when she needs things and rude other times, she doesn't sound like a positive person to have around. If you're in grade school or high school, you will have plenty of people to meet and develop new friendships. Widen your circle of friends and slowly back away from this "friend."